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Flowers... was Valorie even into that kind of stuff? Well.... it was worth a go anyways! Everyone did it after all! Mark just shrugged though. "I'm not sure if theres any particular flowers she likes... Oh! I should point out that she's a very very big fan of Dragons. If you can work something like that in I'm sure she would love it! Make it look cool like that!... but where are we going to find Dragon Pokemon to help with that kind of thing?" Mark wondered.

Snype hugged Thyme as she got back up into Bri's arms. "Watch yourself around Roberto over there. He kinda hates me and for good reason... sorta. Its a long story." Snype said to her.

Len blushed again as well. This sure wasn't going anywhere. At this rate Len would be a Red Poliwhirl! Maybe a talk would settle them a bit... Len whispered to Diana. "...if you want to talk about it... we could chat in private if you like..." Len said.

Able giggled and leaned her head closer to his with a smirk. "Aww you wouldn't light me on fire! You lovveee me too much!" Able teased, not meaning to suggest anything in particular.

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