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Originally Posted by Totodile42 View Post
Question about the Regis... to catch Regigigas in B2/W2, do all three Regis have to be from your game? I know you need all of them to wake up Regigigas, but I can't get Registeel because I don't know anyone with B2. However, I do have a Registeel from Hoenn, will that still work?
In order to encounter Regigigas, none of them have to be from your game cart, so you can trade for any Regis you missed or transfer them from Gen III/IV.

Edit: @Sydian: the only person who gives you a bunch of Shards is the gentleman at Nimbasa, who'll give you 10 Red Shards. You'll have to find Yellow Shards randomly, sadly. They can be random consolation prizes at the PWT, random prizes at Join Avenue's Antique Shop or in the dust clouds at Relic Passage or Reversal Mountain.