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    chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS
    Trey Vincent//Viridian Forest

    “HEY! YOU! GET OFFA MY PROPERTY!” A shrill shriek pierced the calm walls of the Viridian Forest Gate, the soft golden disc of a sun was about to begin to fall below the trees, lighting the sugary clouds above with a magestic golden glow. Pidgeotto and Swablu eagerly hopped among the ground below, eating the unfortunate bugs that were run down by vehicles throughout the day. Everything was peaceful….

    “Who are you buddy?” Trey demanded, squinting at the elderly man before him with distaste.

    “Buddy? HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME YOUNGIN'! GO GET ME SOME COFFEE! I NEED COFFEE!” Trey sighed and immediately attempted to walk around the hunched, balding man, but the man tripped him with his cane. “Where are you going mister? This is my property! You get off it! RIGHT NOW!” The man stuck his face in Trey's and yelled. The young trainer head rubbed his forehead and sat up, scowling.

    "YOUR property? This the gate to Viridian Forest! You can't just block it because you're delusional!"

    ”NO! How many times do I have to say it?!”

    “Oh grandfather, stop being so pig brained!” A girl came up from behind the old man. She had black hair pulled back tightly into a bun and kind brown eyes. The old man sniffed, then walked off. The girl smiled, then turned to the trainer. “I’m sorry, my grandfather lost his Weedle this morning, and we’ve been scouring the area around the gate for it. He’s a little grumpy. I’m Yolei Hatsuko. My grandfather’s name is Sesu.”

    Trey looked at her for a moment and stayed silent, "It's all good, I'm Trey. I'd just like for him to get out of my way.” His ice blue eyes narrowed as the old man continued to run around the gate looking for his Weedle.

    Yolei looked taken aback. “Well, I’m sorry to inconvenience you trainers, but I’m afraid I can't do anything. You'll have to wait till Sesu’s found Weedle.” She sighed.

    ”No. That ain't gonna cut it.” He sighed, "Do you really think a Weedle would just aimlessly wander around a small enclosed Gate like this? No, he's probably in the forest. Now come on, if it'll get y'all to move out of my way...i'll help."

    The girl smiled brilliantly. “Really? Thank you so much! Let’s start right away….” She eagerly chased after Trey through the gate and to the forest.

    Once Yolei had convinced her grandfather Trey wasn't after his granddaughter's "goodies", they had departed for Viridian Forest, the indefinitely creepy forest that separated Pewter City from Viridian City. The trees were large and covered with moss, dangling in strips of grungy fuzz. The grass was knee high in some places, things shifted in the boughs of the mighty trees, their eyes glowing and seeming to taunt the travelers, daring them to walk past. The only path through the forest was a small, thin ribbon of short, run down grass and petite flowers. It was lined with Bug Catchers, children with wide brimmed straw hats and nets, earnestly capturing the bug pokemon around these parts, battling each other, and being relative…well…kids. They didn't seem to mind the creepiness of the forest; they were probably used to it.

    Yolei on the other hand, “ACK SOMETHING MOVED! HIDEMEHIDEMEHIDDDDEMEEEEE!” She sunk behind Trey, eyes darting around nervously.

    “It’s just a Sewaddle….” Trey looked at the worm pokemon with some interest.

    “Cowyee?” The Sewaddle looked up at Sesu with a smile as the old man grinned down at the bug, showing off his lone tooth.

    “Aw…it’s kinda cute….” Yolei peered at it from over the boy’s shoulder, and in return got a face full of string shot. “NOOOO! GET IT OFF!” The girl clawed at her face desperately and Sesu, worried, attempted to help.

    "Darnit! Stay still would'ya?" Sesu yelled out as the tiny Sewaddle crawled off into the tall grass. Trey's female Nidoran, now nicknamed Stitch, was cracking up, and Zilla decided to ‘help’ too. So he used water gun, on her face. So now not only was she covered in bug mucus, but now was wet.

    “ARGH!” She stomped her foot and peeled the mask off slowly. Sesu wiped his forehead, “It's been too gahddayumm long….” He sat down on a nearby stump and let out a sigh of relief. “Hey Trey, I'm gonna stay back here and watch over my grandfather, okay?” Trey only shrugged,

    “Fine. I'll scout up ahead,stupid girl..." Trey walked down the road, it wasn't too long before he disappeared past the dense vegetation. Yolei sighed and looked away from where Trey once was and ahead of her. She froze.

    “Hmmm....? Grandpa..?”

    “Eh..? What is it?” The elderly man was focused and rubbing his tired feet.

    There was silence from Yolei’s end.

    Grumbling, the man looked up to Yolei and followed her gaze then immediately assumed a shocked position as he saw what she had discovered. It was a smooth, shiny, rounded yellow bug. A Kakuna, with a bell around it’s neck.

    “Shkiiks….” The Kakuna’s dark pupils slid up to look at the humans looming above.

    “ACK! It evolved!?!?!?!” Yolei screamed eagerly.

    Sesu broke into a toothy grin, spotting the cocoon pokemon on the ground, resting lightly against the base of a tree. “My dear Weedle evolved? Incredible! I hope it-“ But the old man never got to finish his sentence. A large, sturdy net was thrown over Yolei, Sesu, and the pokemon, immediately closing the ropey bonds around the group tightly.

    Yolei's face contorted with shock. “What the-“

    Sesu stepped back, looking scared. “What is this? A trap?”

    “A trap he says….how dare he infer that we are trapping something.” A raspy voice came from the shadows behind a tree, and stepped forward. It was a man with long, light green hair, his eyes the color of blood and narrow, adorned in camouflage print from head to toe.

    “Oh, don't be so harsh. A Kakuna, we could have done better….” A smooth, high, girly voice came from a woman with bright pink hair in two ponytails with elaborate curls, her eyes a deep cerulean. She wore the camouflage outfit as well, and she was the one who held the net shooter gun in her hands.

    Sesu snarled across at them. “Unless y'all want trouble, let us outta here.”

    The woman laughed, "Our names are Jane and Luther. We're poachers, we've been catching all the Beedrill in this area for weeks. But lately we haven't spotted any. This Kakuna will have to do.” she looked back at Luther and snarled orders. “Let’s get out of here. Go, LILLIGANT! Drag the net now!”

    “Lilli!” The Lilligant was released from its Pokeball and smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over her shoulders, and proceeded to walk away. The grass type stopped in her tracks, there was no weight at the other end of the net.

    Luther grunted. “What the hell?”

    Jane shrugged. “The old man must've cut through the net with a knife, how clever.”

    The green haired man nodded. “Let’s just make this a whole lot easier. Go, Ponyta!” The large pony pokemon with black eyes and the fiery mane faced the group. Luther quietly commanded the Ponyta. “Use Hypnosis.” Ponyta began to shake its head back and forth, but suddenly stopped once it noticed a pair of large blades behind the resting Kakuna.

    "Scytheeeeee...." The mysterious figure whispered. Both Sesu and Yolei crawled away in terror as a large green pokemon with blades for arms sprung out from the grass they were on and landed with powerful force. It wiped its blades together, prepared for battle. Jane raised an eyebrow, "A Scyther?"

    "They're known to travel around the forest low to the ground in the tall grass to avoid being spotted by trainers. It's why they are so rare here." Yolei half mumbled, still frightened by this entire situation.

    "Well whatever the case may be, Ember." Luther commanded his fire type. The tiny horse neighed and released sparks of ember from its fiery tail towards the Scyther. "A bug type like Scyther will be weak to a fire attack. This is over."

    “That's what y'all think!” Trey appeared, scowling at the poachers. A quick water gun attack doused the ember and saved the Scyther, who merely looked over at Trey with a cold look. One that reminded him of his own at times. Laughter shook Jane, she giggled madly until she caught her breath. Luther only smirked. “A trainer. Charming. Ponyta, attack the Scyther with Flare Blitz.”

    “Lilligant, Giga Drain!” Jane ordered as well, still chuckling slightly. Scyther dug its feet into the ground and readied itself for the incoming attacks.

    "Stitch!" Trey shouted out, releasing the small periwinkle Nidoran. "You know what to do!" The Nidoran merely shot a look over at Trey as if to say, "no sh*t". The small poison type darted in front of Scyther and lunged into Ponyta's fiery body. Taking the fiery hit while Scyther was left wide open for the Giga Drain attack. It didn't do much damage, due to its Bug typing.

    "Good Stitch, now Growl!" Stitch's high pitched growl sounded through the entire forest, the echo from the never ending abyss of trees gave the growl an eerie tone. The attack made both opposing pokemon flinch, "Now go for the Scratch!" Nidoran bounded towards the staggering Ponyta and Lilligant only to get knocked to the side by the gliding Scyther.

    "SCYTHER!" The bug type smirked as he sent the Nidoran flying, and proceeded to bombard both enemy Pokemon with Quick Attacks.

    "Ponyta! Stomp!" But the fire type only fell to its knees and shivered, it was poisoned. "POISON? THAT DAMN NIDORAN!"

    "Yeah, that's its Poison Point ability." Trey smirked and then ran over to his Nidoran who puffed out her little cheeks in frustration, she was the only one allowed to act like a brat around here. Without even acknowledging her trainer she ran off towards the battle and let out another growl, this time even making the Scyther stumble a bit. "Haha, she's a lil' fiesty." Trey smirked as the poison type proceeded to scratch scyther in the face, followed by Ponyta. But was knocked down to the ground by Lilligant's Magical Leaf. Trey tightened his fists, he was going to have to pull Stitch out if he wanted her to stay healthy. They had only just entered the forest, but soon after Lilligant was met with a Pursuit attack that sent her crashing through a tree.

    That Scyther was strong.

    "EMBER THAT DAMN THING!" Luther ordered, and was followed by a large number of flaming embers that rained down on Scyther. It was super effective, the charred bug type stumbled down onto one knee. "Great, got the Net Ball Jane?" Luther smirked over to his partner.

    "Hell naw. Zilla, Aqua Jet!!" Trey ran closer to the battle as he released his trusty water starter that immediately took flight like a watery space rocket that soon came crashing down onto Ponyta. The fire type was sent sliding across the ground, sending the male Poacher down onto his face. The teenager chuckled at the man spitting out mud and grass as Zilla landed before the burnt bug and gave him a thumbs up. The bug type looked away and scoffed.

    "DAMMIT! RETURN!!" The fire type returned to its Pokeball with a bright red light. "I'm outta here." The poacher hopped onto a camouflage printed all terrain vehicle just a little ways off and drove off.

    "WAIT!" Jane cried out.

    "Water gun! Scratch!" Zilla spat out a tower of water while Stitch ran beside it, and after the Water Gun attack pinned the Lilligant against a tree proceeded to scratch at her mercilessly.

    "Time for the gran' fnale! CRUNCH!" Trey ordered, and Zilla proceeded to clamp its powerful jaws down on the grass type's body until its cries stopped. The Croconaw released its grip and let the Lilligant fall to the floor, swirls in its eyes.

    "Son of a-" Jane called her pokemon back and ran off into the forest.

    “ALL RIGHT OLD MAN! Time for some PAY UP for our work!” Trey shouted out, they had decided to rest at a clearing they found in the forest. Zilla and Stitch were laying down next to each other sleeping, while the Scyther was sitting down with both its legs and blades cross. Sesu groaned good-naturedly, cradling his Kakuna in his arms.

    “How does dinner sound?” Yolei smiled.

    “Yeah, that sounds amazing! I'm mad starving, I burn everything i cook." They all laughed slightly and Sesu looked on in shock as his Kakuna began glowing. The Kakuna grew exponentially, the light faded, and there stood a giant bee with two stingers on its hands.

    “Shiskssss!” Beedrill swung it’s stingers around happily and Sesu whooped. “That’s my boy!”

    “Omigod! GRANDFATHER!” Yolei came running up, and seeing the Beedrill hugged her small gradndfather ecstatically. Trey only smirked, then looked over at the Scyther, he decided to walk over.

    "Yo, whatsup my man? You know, you got some pretty nasty burns. You might wanna get those fixed up." Trey sat down on the ground next to where they were all resting. The Scyther darted his head the opposite direction of Trey,

    "Haha. Yeah, i thought you might act that way." Trey smirked, and Scyther's eyes shot open when he heard the sound of a Pokeball enlarging. It was a sound all too familiar to him, when trainers unworthy of his strength would try and capture him. The bug type sprung up, causing Zill and Stitch to fall over and wake up in a fright. Trey proceeded to stand up slowly, giving Scyther the time to flinch slightly at his burn pain. "You're not getting away, in the condition you're in. I'm saving you." Trey laughed slightly, and inconspicuously darted his eyes over at Zilla who nodded back at his trainer.

    The Scyther growled and used Pursuit to strike at the trainer, only to be met by Zilla's Aqua Jet crashing in from the side. Both tired pokemon fell to the floor and rolled around Yolei and Sesu who both cowered behind a large log that had fallen on the floor, the Scyther proceeded to dig his feet into the forest floor and growl in a deep voice to itself as it charged up for something. "Focus Energy." Trey said to himself, and took note of its pose for future battles.

    "Stitch, come here. This is a fast little a**hole, you know that. You got this girl." The small Nidoran nodded and readied itself for anything. The Scyther screeched out and flung its blades into the air in front of him, sending pulsing waves towards the poison type. Trey managed to duck out of the way, but Stitch took the attack head on. She was brave, and smart. A fighting type attack wouldn't do much against her poison typing, especially since it wasn't coming from a fighting type Pokemon.

    "Vacuum Wave, huh? Damn, stronger than I thought," Trey said as he picked himself up from the ground. The Scyther followed up with a Quick Attack, "Growl!" Stitch stopped the quick bug type in its tracks with an abrubt growl attack, "Now Scratch!" She dug her claws into the already weak Scyther. The small attack was enough to send the Scyther to its knees, as it dug one claw into the ground and picked itself up to one knee a Pokeball was hurled at its face.

    "SCYTHE!" The bug type let out as it was inhaled into the capsule. After it furiously fumbled around in the tall grass, it clicked and Trey let out a large sigh of relief. He quickly picked up the Pokeball and smiled down at Zill and Stitch, "I'm really proud of y'all. Good work little homies." Trey fist bumped both of his pokemon and chuckled until Sesu came up slowly from behind him and wrapped his arm around Trey's neck.

    "Ya know sumthin? I was wrong about ya! You should marry Yolei! Yeah, she needs a good man!" Sesu and Yolei laughed, and Trey managed to let out a fake laugh as he tried to escape the old man's death grip. "Come on! We'll go back to my place, we'll feed ya. Then ya get married!" Both the grandfather and Yolei laughed again, but he was actually dragging Trey along. Who was still trying to squirm out of the man's grip, Zilla and Stitch followed their trainer. Their faces full of worry.

    "Your parents will pay for the wedding of course! HAHAHA" Sesu's cackling laugh sounded through the forest.

    But he didn't. The boy looked over at Yolei once more. She...reminded him of someone. Someone dear to him. They were almost identical. Was it her? Is this a sign of some kind. She...looked like her. Acted like her.

    His sister.

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