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Someone simply parking in his driveway made him "fear for his life." He's either lying (and a cold blooded killer) or not mentally capable of responsible gun ownership.

And therein lies the biggest problem with the suggestion that we have better mental health services and screenings for gun ownership: what do you do with people who already own guns? Do you require every owner to come in for a mental health screening? If we don't then we're leaving potential dangers out there. And what if they do come in and they don't pass, do you take their guns away and then inflame all the Charlton Hestons out there, or do you leave the guns in their incapable hands? And, on top of these problems, how do you pay for mental health service for this when just getting regular healthcare is next to impossible?

Yeah, have mental health services to help keep the wrong people from having guns, but that's only one small piece of the puzzle.
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