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so i was just browsing the internet when i came across a meme of gary oak with 10 gym badges. as it turns out, in the anime there are more then 8 gym leaders but you only have to defeat 8 of them to move on to the elite 4. would you like for X and Y to have this? have 17 gym leaders (one for each type) and there'll be forks in your path. one will go to a town with lets say a flying gym leader while the other goes to the fire gym leader. then at any time in the game you can go back and battle with the gym leaders you missed. then maybe have a special prize if you beat them all. i think this would be a great way to add a little more content to the game. this could also keep the elite 4 from being to easy. the evil team could make an appearance in several towns. like both in the fire gym leaders town and in the flying and they won't go for the legendary pokemon until you've seen them in all the towns. that way you can't use a legendary to get though the elite 4 unless you're constantly going back to the fork and going the other way and by the time you did that, your pokemon would be high leveled enough to beat the elite 4 anyway.

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