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    Originally Posted by SooperTrooper View Post
    My Python coding skills are next to nothing, so I probably wouldn't be much help. However, I'm full on support for this project and may be able to help with things such as graphics and file conversion like you stated in your first post.

    Whatever I can do to help, besides coding with Python of course, just send me a PM.
    Great I'll send you something and you can see if you fancy helping.

    @xGeovanni I've sent you an email, hope it's come through.


    The engine now has it's own scripting language! So scripts look something like this:
    choiceDialog("Would you like a free pokemon?", "Abra", "Eevee", "Staraptor", "No thanks");
    if LASTRESULT == "No thanks"{
        dialog("Oh.$$OK then...", 1);
        if LASTRESULT == "Abra"{
            p = generatePokemon("ABRA", 10);
        if LASTRESULT == "Eevee"{
            p = generatePokemon("EEVEE", 25);
        if LASTRESULT == "Staraptor"{
            p = generatePokemon("STARAPTOR", 100);
        dialog("Here you go!$$Enjoy...", 1);
    So I'm hoping it should be pretty obvious what it does, the idea is that it's easy to start using.
    Let me know what you think.
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