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    Thanks to DrFuji for telling me where I went wrong and how to fix it!

    Hello! I Love pokemon emerald, and I love hacking it even more! the reason the name of this project is Untitled Emerald Hack, is well because I couldn't think of a name, I did try to do this originaly but it was not as good as this one, since the first time hacking emerald, I thought I'd make this one harder, better and more interesting!. Another reason why I decided to hack Emerald is because I wanted to increase the difficulty of the game, it is to easy, in my opinion, so I wanted to change that by making the gym's harder by changing/adding pokemon, also I added wild Pokémon from Johto & Kanto. Anyway intro over, here is some more information.
    • Changed the Evolutions of trade pokemon
    • New abilitys/typing for some pokemon
    • Changed movesets
    • 10 TMs have been changed
    • a few HM changes
    • Starters are Treecko, Cyndaquil and squirtle, all with new Typing and a secondry Ability
    • in-game trades edited!

    Screenshots -


    Start with less money

    Pokemon have new Moves/Types/Abilitys

    Gym leaders have altered teams

    New wild pokemon, including the un-used starters!

    In-game trade changes, all of them edited, and even some linked!
    (I.E evolution of previous trade is the pokemon wanted for next trade!)
    I recommend getting a snubble and Nidoran(f) for trades!

    The current beta ends after slateport!

    Tools used:
    Advanced map
    Trader Advanced
    $tart money Ed
    Item Editor
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