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As a proud Canadian, I'm pulling for RIM, err... BlackBerry. They're kinda in a make it or break it spot right now.

I kind of see the point of rebranding. The founders are mostly out of the picture now. The BlackBerry brand is still recognizable. If what was RIM were to go under, someone would probably buy what was still strong (the brand, BBM, and the keyboard). I think it was more of move to please investors than anything. For the consumer market, or even the business market, I don't think people care. Do you go and buy an "iPhone" or do you buy an "iPhone by Apple" or an "Apple"?

For the phone itself, it wasn't mind blowing. They've updated and modernized in one big jump rather than in consistent increments (which they really ought to start doing if they want to stay in the game). But that's it really. Apparently they have a great stock touch keyboard (and you can swap it for anything else? O_o). But otherwise, it's just the Blackberry version of an iPhone or Android phone. Nothing really to set it apart.

People are devoted to BBM for reasons I can't understand. I get the security thing. So, for all those companies who haven't updated their employee phone fleets from the old Bold, will probably finally upgrade. But for personal consumers? I don't see it making a big splash. The draw is a keyboard. You can get better keyboard apps on your Android for like $5, why would you pay hundreds for a BlackBerry instead?
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