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    chapter one; Friends and Rivals
    Ben Tobin // Route 2 // pt. 2

    The sun which had hung high over the route for most of the day had now faded nearly all of the way behind the western hills, darkening the landscape a bit but not too badly. Ben was in a bit of a rush. He knew that Blitzle was hurt fairly bad and needed a good rest but Lucy was in a bad way herself, resting atop Ben’s shoulders holding onto his long white hat his grandmother had knitted for him a few weeks ago. The blue otter preferred to stay out of her Pokeball if possible, enjoying the fresh air and wanting to see the world as her trainer did. Judging by the guide book which detailed the various routes and cities he’d packed he could see that there was a rest stop ahead with cabins where traveling trainers could stop and rest their Pokemon and even get a room for the night. He held up the weighted Pokeball in one hand, smiling to himself as he watched the sleeping Blitzle within.

    He clipped the ball to his belt and as he continued on down the path he began to come across other new trainers like himself, combing the bushes along the trail for signs of wild Pokemon. One young boy was squatting before a thicket of bushes, his partner, a circular plant looking Pokemon that Ben had never seen before beside him. As he walked, Ben flipped open the Pokedex, aiming it at the strange little thing as the handheld machine registered the entry instantly; Cottonee, the cotton puff Pokemon. They go wherever the wind takes them. On rainy days, their body becomes heavier, so they often take shelter beneath trees.

    What a neat Pokemon. Ben thought to himself, looking up at Lucy smirking.
    “We’re seeing all kinds of new and exciting Pokemon, huh girl?” The little otter nodded her agreement, resting her chin on Ben’s head.

    “I know you’re tired. The rest houses should be just up the road here.” Ben said, looking up the path as far as he could see. Sure enough, far off down the path he began to see a line of cabins and other houses in a huge clearing within the trees.

    “There it is! You and Blitzle are gonna get a much deserved rest, girl.” He said, smiling broadly.
    They went inside the first building they came to and a young girl behind the counter made a face upon seeing the exhausted Lucy on Ben’s shoulders.

    “Your Dewott looks mighty beat young man. You should have let it rest inside a Pokeball.” She frowned as Ben stepped up to the counter, placing Blitzle’s ball in the rack and taking out Lucy’s.

    “I know, but the thing is she really hates Pokeballs and doesn’t like to stay in them. I’ve been keeping her out of the sun as much as I can ma’am.” He said, holding up Lucy’s Pokeball.

    “You’re gonna need to get in just for a bit so the nice lady can give you a rest okay?” The feisty otter grunted her indignance but reluctantly allowed herself to be recalled into the ball as Ben smiled, placing it beside Blitzle’s ball in the rack.
    “Your Pokemon will be feeling much better after a bit of rest. You may explore the grounds or rent a room for the night if you wish. We have a cook in the next house over serving lunch at about this time. Feel free to drop by.” The lady said kindly, taking the tray into the back room.

    Ben was sitting on a bench eating a sandwich, watching the other trainers on the grounds with their Pokemon, training or just relaxing in the afternoon breeze. He thought about the tough battle they’d fought to capture Blitzle and he opened the Pokedex, selecting the entry of the electric steed Pokemon, reviewing its moves and behavior, what it liked to eat and so on. He then remembered that Lucy and Blitzle should be healed by now, checking his watch he got up, packing up the rest of the lunch to save for them and he headed back into the rest house as the lady was just coming back to the counter with his Pokeballs in the rack.

    “Your Dewott and Blitzle are all better now. They had a nice long sleep and they both seem very happy.” She said, placing the rack upon the counter as Ben collected the two Pokeballs, clipping Blitzle’s back onto his belt and automatically releasing Lucy who stretched big and yawned, scratching her head as she saw Ben she cried out affectionately and hugged his leg.

    “It’s good to see you too, girl. You feeling better after your nap?” The cute little otter nodded happily.

    “Dew! Dewott!” She cried.

    “Awww that’s so sweet. She seems to be a very well taken care of Pokemon!” The lady said.

    “Now is there anything else I can do for you? A room for the night? Supplies?”

    “Hmm. Well I know Viridian Forest is not far ahead. I wouldn’t want you or Blitzle getting poisoned.” He said frowning down at Lucy.

    “2 Antidotes and 3 Potions please.” He said, placing some bills upon the counter as the lady handed the items across and he stowed them in his bag, shouldering it and patting Lucy on the head gently.

    “Come to think of it. I don’t want you to have to sleep outside. We’ll take a room as well ma’am.” Ben said, Lucy jumping up and down excitedly.

    “Very well, your room will be just up the stairs, the first door on the left.” She said as Ben laid a few more bills on the counter.

    “Thank you for all your help ma’am. These rest houses are really great!” He exclaimed heading off up the steps with Lucy in tow.

    The room was a fairly big with a single bed in one corner and few other small beds for Pokemon in various spots and a table in the center with water and packaged snacks. Lucy immediately plopped onto one of the small beds and tore open a packet, munching down the treats within, grinning broadly as she dripped crumbs down her chin.

    “Awww, I forgot you must be hungry huh? Help yourself I don’t think Pokemon treats are very good for me anyway.” He said with a light chuckle, taking a seat on the bed and setting his pack down before him. He placed the Pokedex on the nightstand beside the bed and took out the guide book and the rest of his meal from earlier, nibbling the sandwich and flipping through the guide book, checking out the pages on Viridian Forest and the different types of Pokemon he would find when he felt a jiggling at his belt, remembering Blitzle he unclipped the ball, smirking.

    “You wanna stretch your legs a bit bud, alright! Come on out, Blitzle!” He pressed the button on the center of the ball, which opened and released a beam of white light which took the form of the graceful electric steed who gave a big stretch and neighed contently, glancing around the room and then at the treats on the table where Lucy was on her third packet. The little eager horse Pokemon stepped forward, sniffing at the packets nervously and watching Lucy out of the corner of one eye, unsure of himself in this strange place. The little blue otter smiled at Blitzle, patting him on the head and offering the rest of the treats to him, even opening them for the shy little fella which he gratefully accepted, chomping them down hungrily and swallowing and excitedly eating the rest, nuzzling his mane against Lucy, neighing happily.

    “Awww that’s real nice of you Luce, helping out Blitzle like that. He’s gotta be shy you know, he’s used to the open fields of the route. We’ve gotta make him feel at home.” Ben said, admiring the way the two got along.
    “I suppose we’ve gotta give you your own name too huh, Blitzle?” The electric horse Pokemon sat beside Lucy, nodding eagerly.

    “Hmmm. Well you’re a tough guy when you need to be, and your pretty fast. How about Zeus?” The little electric horse turned its head slightly, as if pondering on the name, then nodded happily.

    “Zeus it is! I think that name really suits ya bud.” Ben said, smiling as he lay back on the bed and immediately Lucy hopped up on the bed with him, curling up beside him as Zeus stood at the side of the bed, still unsure of himself.

    “It’s okay bud, you can get on the bed too.” Ben said, petting Zeus fondly as the small horse jumped onto the bed, plopping down between Ben’s feet, resting his head on his leg, sighing contentedly.
    “There ya go. Now everyone’s comfortable. Let’s see if we can’t get some sleep.”

    -- -- -- -- -- --

    Ben awoke with the early morning dawn shining through the window adjacent from the bed, he sat up in the bed, Lucy stirring at his side he glanced down at Zeus who was still sound asleep. He eased himself up out of the bed, stretching big and pulling on his hat. He took a bottle of water and an apple from his bag and sat eating, sharing the apple with Lucy who sat at his side still wiping sleep from her eyes. Zeus, smelling the food, began to wake, stretching himself and hopping down off the bed, nudging Ben’s hand which held the apple until the boy laughed and handed the rest of it to the horse Pokemon who chomped it down quickly and swallowed, nosing in the bag for more.

    “You should eat a little slower, bud you’re gonna get a tummy ache.” He said, gathering the Pokedex and guide book, shouldering his pack he got to his feet.

    “Alright guys, time to head out to the Viridian Forest. Who knows what we’ll find there but after reading the guide book here, I’ve a good idea of the Pokemon I want to catch. So let’s get to it. Return, Zeus.” He recalled the smallish electric horse and clipped the ball to his belt, walking out of the room with Lucy at his his heels.

    He thanked the lady for her kindness once more and stepped out into the bright crystal clear morning light, breathing a breath of fresh air and starting off back down the route, walking past trainers with their Pokemon which he catalogued in the Pokedex as he walked; a Nidoran female, tiny and light blue. A feisty looking thing. A Nidoran male, a purplish slightly larger version of the female. Deerling, a cute little Pokemon which looked like it would belong more in contests than in a battle. As he left the row of cabins and was walking back onto the route path, he heard the familiar computerized voice of a Pokedex that was not his own; Dewott, the discipline Pokemon…

    “Hey! That’s you girl. Wonder where that could be coming from.” He said, looking about, seeing no one.

    “Quite the specimen you have there. “ A voice said. “Looks a little fat to me though. You should feed it less.”

    “Who said that? Come out and show yourself.” Ben said, a little flustered as was Lucy who stood at his feet with arms crossed a frown across her features.

    At that, a figure dropped from a nearby tree. It was a boy about Ben’s age who wore a white shirt and grey coat with a torn pair of blue jeans. His hair was cut close to his head, nearly a buzzcut and he wore a necklace with a Pokeball on the end.

    “Name’s Harrison. I’m from Pallet Town.”

    “Where’d you get that Pokedex?” Ben asked, staring at the more updated-looking version in the kid’s hands.

    “Huh? This old thing? Pffft. I got this thing from Professor Oak. He said he needed help completing it. And that’s what I’m gonna do.” Ben was in shock. He’d heard of Oak but had never had the chance to actually meet the man let alone…

    “P-professor Oak?” Ben stammered, trying to regain his confidence.

    “Yup, that’s right. He gave me this here Pokemon too to start out with. He ain’t much though. Only knows three attacks. I’ll likely trade him once I get some stronger Pokemon.”

    “Trade him?! Why would you ever trade a Pokemon?” Ben was angry now. This kid had no respect for Pokemon.

    “Because he is weak. Don’t you get it? The only Pokemon worth raising are the strong ones who can win battles.

    You’ll learn eventually once you drop the tubby little otter there. “

    “Rrrrggghh! You’re gonna regret saying that! You have to learn that Pokemon are our friends. We work together with them they don’t win battles on their own and neither do we. It’s a partnership.”

    “You think so huh? Well battle me then. Show me what your little chubby thing is made of.”

    “You want a battle? Well you’re gonna get one! You ready Luce?” He looked down at the fierce blue otter who stamped a foot, readying herself for battle.

    “Alright then show me what you got!” Ben was ready. He knew Lucy’s moves through and through and he had Zeus too, for backup.

    “Fine. Alright Oshawott don’t mess this up.” Harrison plucked the ball from his necklace, expanding it and releasing a tiny little otter which looked eerily similar to Lucy, albeit smaller. Ben flipped open the Pokdex, registering the little guy; Oshawott, the sea otter Pokemon. It fights using the scalchop on its stomach. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing. Lucy stepped up to meet her unevolved form, raising her own scalchops ferociously.

    “Go Oshawott. Use Tackle.” Harrison commanded and the tiny little otter came charging head first at Lucy.
    “Lucy, use your own Tackle!” Ben said, smiling. The bigger otter put away her scalchops, lowering herself to the dirt and meeting Oshawott head on. The two collided and the unevolved little Oshawott bounced back to her trainer’s feet, sitting up rubbing his head.

    “Don’t embarrass me you runt! Use Tackle again!” Oshawott looked up at Harrison, unsure of himself but he obeyed.

    He raised himself and cried out, “Osha! Oshawott!!” And charged Lucy again.

    “Lucy, end this quick! Use Air Slash!” At this command Lucy leaped high above the tiny little otter who ran right under her, stumbling a bit, surprised he looked up as Lucy charged down with her scalchops glowing she struck the little guy across the chest, sending him tumbling into the bushes.

    “Arrrrggghh you useless little twerp!” Harrison yelled, recalling Oshawott.

    “Fine, you want a real battle? I’ll give you a real battle kid.” Harrison took a second Pokeball from his belt, releasing the same strange circular Grass-type Ben had seen earlier.

    “Cottonee! Use Leech Seed!” The harmless looking Pokemon suddenly grew fierce, shooting seeds from its fluffy underbelly which latched onto Lucy, wrapping her up and sending her into the dirt where the seeds sapped her energy, giving it to the insane little Grass-type. Ben was shocked. He had never seen a move like that.

    “Lucy! Can you get out of that?” Lucy struggled, crying out in pain as her very energy was sapped from her but she wiggled a scalchop free and sliced the seed-vines apart, standing to her feet but looking hurt bad.

    “It’s okay girl, you did great! Return!” He recalled her into her Pokeball for some rest and clipped it to his belt, taking out Zeus’s ball.

    “Alright, Zeus. I know you can do this! Go!” He released the energetic electric steed which came out with a resounding neigh, its mane crackling fiercely. Harrison was dumfounded for a moment, taking out his Pokedex he registered the strange horse.

    “A Blitzle huh? Kind of a dumb choice choosing an Electric-type to go up against a Grass-type but hey, who said you were smart in the first place. Take him down Cottonee! Leech Seed!” The spherical little Grass-type produced the seeds from before, shooting them at Zeus who instinctively, without command sidestepped the attack.

    “Great bud! Use your speed to your advantage! Use Quick Attack!” Ben said and the little zebra obeyed. He shot off from where he’d been standing leaving only a trail of crackling electricity faster than either trainer could see Zeus crashed into the Cottonee, sending it flying and brimming with the electric charge. The little spherical Pokemon raised itself up but it was badly hurt.

    “Don’t fail me Cottonee! Use Absorb!” The little Grass-type shot out a blast of orbs at the electric zebra who took them, waving his head a bit but he was fully rested and no simple Absorb would take him down.

    “You got this Zeus! Use a full-power Quick Attack!” The electric steed stamped its hoof several times, readying itself with lightning shining in its mane it shot off again, even faster this time. It smashed into the Cottonee, which sank into the dirt, fainted.

    “Nooooo!” Harrison shouted, throwing his arms up and sinking to his knees, cradling the Grass-type.

    “I know you could have done better. You didn’t give it your best and you lost because of that.” He glared at Ben.
    “And you! This doesn’t mean anything! Wait until I evolved my Pokemon and catch some stronger ones! I’m gonna get you kid!” He recalled the Grass-type and stood looking over Ben and Zeus for a moment and then ran off into the bushes. Ben watched him go for a moment, grinning victoriously then he looked to Zeus who neighed proudly and stamped his hoof.

    “You did it bud! You were so fast! I’m so proud of you!” He ran forward and hugged the electric zebra which in turn, albeit accidentally gave off an electric shock.

    “Ahhhh! That’s your way of giving a hug I suppose.” Ben said laughing and holding onto the little steed.

    “Alright bud, return! You get a good rest.” He recalled Zeus and released Lucy who was looking better already.

    “You did great too girl.” Ben said smiling as he kneeled down, taking off his pack and producing a potion. He sprayed the little otter over and she giggled at the cool feeling and jumped up and down, hugging Ben.

    “Glad you’re feeling better.” He looked off up ahead where the forest got much thicker, so much so that Ben could not see through. He stood up, walking down the path to a sign which read; Viridian Forest.

    “Well, I guess this is it. Let’s go girl! I hope we meet some cool new Pokemon!”

    And with that, they went on inside the gate to the Viridan Forest.
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