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"I don't actually know what my spirit is..." Makoto said helplessly, "It only talked to me once, and I don't think it liked me." He rubbed his arms, the back of his neck, and then stroked his tail, "I don't want to talk about it." He was silent for a moment then spoke up, "When is Spark coming back? Is she mad at me?" He asked, staring at the dirt pitifully.

Spark flew lower when she saw buildings in the distance. From afar they looked grand, though as they neared she saw the deathly and neglected structures. She flew to the ground just at the center of the city, and scanned the area. She saw eyes in the buildings, watching her fearfully. "Are they scared of me?" She whispered.

Well you have wings and you landed in the middle of their town. Not to mention you are a child of all things. Xatu said.

"Why would adults be afraid of children?"

Are you sure they are adults? Take a look

She looked closer at the windows, although the eyes ducked away and many were dirty faces, She noticed they were all children. "It's a town of children? Just like children's city!"


"I'll talk to them!" She said. "Hey! There is no reason to be scared, I won't hurt you." She remained still and non threatening but there was no response. She unfused so that she was back to my normal body to prove she was a child. "See I'm just like you guys."

Sheheard some mumbling and things breaking, then she saw one of the kids had cowered out. "Please don't hurt us..." He whimpered, "We have a heard time living like this anyways..." Although he had stepped out, he kept his distance and neglected to get near me.

"I won't hurt any of you, I'm just here on my way somewhere."

"The last one to come here... H-he killed two of us and then kidnapped another. He had wings like yours..." She knew he had to be a kid, but she wondered why would he come to town and kill other children.

"Was he a human eater?"

The boy shook his head fearfully. "He took my sister miss..." He stood far from spark, and was looking down. "I think he might kill her..."

Spark thought for a moment, she had an idea, "If I help you will you help me?" The boy looked up hopefully and nodded.

"I'll do anything..." Spark figured the whole town wouldn't help me just because she helped one child, but she figured that helping one would be a good first step.

"Well then, I'll kill this murderer and in turn you let me stay here." The boy nodded, but when Spark tried to get close he backed up. "Ok... Well it is a deal then." She refused with Xatu and started to lift off. "Where do you think he went?"

"The place on the island... I think he took a liking to that building..." The boy said. Spark sighed, the one place she thought was safe housed a psychopath. Typical.

"Well even better! I'll get your sister back and you will not have to worry about this killer." She flew north toward the island.

Well looks like you will have to kill after all. Xatu said sarcastically.

"Well if I have to kill for peace then I'll gladly do it. It'll be on my conscience in the end anyways and not someone else's."

An action is an action, whether you justify it or not. The burdens you will take on with that kind of logic will surely kill you. But I guess you know what you are doing huh.

"Well maybe I won't have to kill him." I said mutely.
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