Thread: HG/SS: HeartGold or SoulSilver?
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I had both Gold and Silver (I had first gold but after watching Pokemon2000 I wanted the Lugia and thought that I could only get Ho-oh on gold)

nowadays I like Ho-oh more because of it's type Fire-flying and what I really disliked about Lugia is that he isn't a water-flying (that was a major childhood dissapointment) even though I like the appearance of Lugia better, Ho-oh is still my favourite of those 2
so 1 point for Heartgold

the version exclusives top 5 IMO:
Arcanine>>Ninetails -HG win
Kabutops>>Omastar - SS win
Kyogre>>Groundon -HG win
Gligar/scor>>Delibird -HG win
Skarmory>>Mantine/tyke -SS win

Heartgold would be a obvious pick for me...

Gliscor is boss. Period.
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