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    Thank you everyone for all the congratulations!

    Sorry I haven't been on a lot. Had some family issues and right now I'm bed ridden with bronchitis >.< (joy..not!)

    Congratulations too all the competitors in the contest. Everyone had awesome ideas!

    @CourageHound ~ we think alike. I was thiiiisssss close to doing a dragon type eeveelution and that is the same name I was going to use

    @Aryan143 ~ I'm going to go with Solna for the new nickname (see my pattern? lol Luna and Solna)

    Eevee as a starter ~ I think it would be an awesome idea! I was mad when your rival "stole" the eevee from you in Pokémon Yellow version (even though I love Pikachu ) and what sucks even more is he doesn't even train it right. It is weak when you battle him and he has evolved it.

    Eevee in Pokémon Conquest was awesome but you weren't allowed to evolve it until the game was pretty much over (which sucks). If you could get the stones early or the places needed to evolve it earlier it would've been a lot better.