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    1st Gym: Level 5-10
    2nd Gym: Level 10-15
    3rd Gym: Level 15-20
    4th Gym: Level 20-25
    5th Gym: Level 25-30
    6th Gym: Level 30-35
    7th Gym: Level 35-40
    8th Gym: Level 40-45
    9th Gym: Level 45-50
    10th Gym: Level 50-55

    10 gyms would make sense, then the Elite Four could be level 55-60

    post-game, they'd all go up another five-ten levels and cap out around level 85

    Because Red's team has a level 88 Pikachu and I hope he makes an appearance, but his team's levels are 11 higher then his HG/SS Team
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