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Originally Posted by Al3X View Post
What exactly are the finishing touches that you can't do yourself
This is the list of things he is waiting for but can't do himself:
• changing a pokemon's stats/moveset
• Make the exploding rocks in ACRE FOREST permanent
• Making a person appear at a certain time
• Add a readable sign on Route 1
• Add three readable signs at the binoculars in the orchid city lookout
• Event that needs a key to open a door
• In the lab basement, have the computer ask if you want to place the fossil in the machine with a YES/NO prompt.
• Replacing about 3 trainers Pokemon that tools I use won't work on.
• Fix all flight and blackout coords
• Move Prof Oak further up to his original position (editing the event script so you walk further up also.)
• Edit the Guard in the DEPT.STORE underground script
• change lavender fly to cinnabar
• change lake of rage fly to fuscuia (memoria town)
• remove rattata and caterpie from the game's 2nd rival battle
• ability to fly to kanto towns at the start of the game

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