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Welcome to PC, Sam! Great to see you here! ;D

I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to WiFi trading too, so you're not alone. Utilize the Trade Corner to your advantage though, they have lots of useful sticky threads including a fun Chit-Chat thread where you can discuss trading and ask questions. I'm sure hanging around other traders will be helpful and keep you wanting to trade, so hopefully you can make a post or two there if you're interested. ^_^ I'd offer to trade with you but as I've been saying elsewhere, my internet is wired meaning no wifi. It sucks but guess it's something I have to deal with. ;; Nintendo's official WiFi Connector doesn't do much good either due to constant disconnections.

But it's good that you got into Pokemon with Yellow since I found that to be one of the more addicting main series Pokemon games. Who can say no to all three starters + amazing new sprites that looked soo much better than Red/Blue? I certainly couldn't say no. xD; And as for the breeding shiny method, are you talking about the Masuda Method? I've been trying to do it too, but no luck yet! Hope your luck ends up being better than mine.

Anyway, have a blast here and contact me whenever if you want to chat! I'll reply as soon as I can~ see you around. <3

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