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    chapter 1; Proving One's Self-Worth: Enter Kyte, Part II
    Katherine Aldine // Route 2

    "So, let's see what our new partner can do, huh?" Katt said to Phoenix as she threw her new Petilil's PokeBall into the air. The Trainer and her Pokemon were farther along Route 2, taking in the pastoral surroundings and basking in the triumph of winning against the wild Pokemon they'd encountered.

    The thrown ball opened as it reached the apex of its throw, releasing a shower of red light on the ground before Katt and her Combusken. The light materialized a moment later into the Petilil that Katt had captured only a few minutes ago.

    "Hi there!" Katt smiled and waved a hand at the tiny Grass-type Pokemon, who responded by hopping up and down in excitement. Katt giggled, "Well, you seem happy to be with me, huh?"

    "Peti!" The bulb Pokemon really was excited. It hopped up into Katt's arms and snuggled against her cheek affectionately.

    "Whoa! You're really happy," Katt said with a smile. "Petilil, this is Phoenix," she said while holding out the Pokemon so it could see Katrina's other partner. The Petilil let out a cry of happiness and Phoenix returned the gesture. Katt laughed, "I'm glad you two are getting along so well! Alright, Petilil, now we need to come up with a nickname for you, okay?"

    "Lil! Petilil!" The Pokemon appeared to be beaming at the idea.

    "You're too cute, hahah, okay, how about we call you...Lily?" Katt suggested. The Grass-type hopped out of its Trainer's arms and hopped up and down in response with a happy look on its face.

    "Peti! Petilil, petilil!"

    "Alright," Katt said cheerily, "Lily it is!" Looking around, Katt noted a small cottage and said, "Okay, Lily, Phoenix, why don't we check out who lives in that cottage over there? We may even be able to have our first Trainer battle!"

    The two Pokemon responded excitedly. Wow, Katt thought, I really have some battle-happy Pokemon! The young girl and her Pokemon made way for the cabin, all anxious for the chance to battle, which, for Katt, was a welcome feeling to quell her insecurities.


    "Hello?" Katt knocked on the front door of the small wooden home, "Is anyone here?" The cottage was modest in size and style, being made entirely of wood with a thatched roof of branches, earth and vines. It seemed to have some up-to-date features, like windows and a chimney, but that was all.

    Katt huffed, "Guess no one's home...C'mon, guys, we may as well head for Viridian Forest." Combusken and Petilil seemed unfazed, but just as the trio turned to leave, the front door opened!

    "Hello? Can I help you, young lady?" The old woman standing in the doorway looked, to Katt, like she could be anyone's loving grandmother. She was small, probably no taller than 4 feet 3 inches, wore a pink dress with floral patterns and had her gray hair tied up in a bun. Her wrinkled face was set in a look of curiosity and slight apprehension.

    "Oh, we were just wondering who lived here and if there were any Trainers we may be able to battle," Katt explained. "It's nearly sundown and we were hoping to have a battle before camping for the night in Viridian Forest."

    "Ah, I see," the old woman said, "Well, sadly my cottage has no room for guests, but there is a young man here who is also a Trainer. He stopped in about an hour ago to rest his Pokemon. You're welcome to speak with him." The old woman stepped back inside, leaving the door ajar for Katt.

    "Did you hear that, guys?" Katt said, "We might have a Trainer battle after all!" Giddy with the prospect of testing herself against another Trainer, Katt entered the small abode.

    The interior was no more impressive than the exterior. It was a one-room cottage with a wooden floor and a stone fireplace set into the far wall. To Katt's left was a small kitchen area consisting of a table, a small cupboard, a wash bowl and an old-style ice box. To her right was a small cot for sleeping.

    On the cot was a small, orange Pokemon covered in orange down. The Pokemon appeared to be sleeping while sitting erect and beside it was a young man that could have been no more than a year or two older than Katt. He was also asleep, although cross-legged with his chin resting against his chest. Katt rose an eyebrow at the sight, "Is this him?"

    "Yes, yes," the old woman clucked. She was preparing a fire in the fireplace, "He's an odd one, that boy. But, he's also a capable battler! Don't let appearances fool you, now!"

    Katt made a face and Phoenix and Lily exchanged unconvinced expressions. "Well, if you say so," Katt said. The young girl walked over to the supposedly sleeping Trainer and nudged him lightly, "Excuse me-"

    "Yes," the boy said, startling Katt, "I'll battle you."

    "Huh?! I thought you were asleep!" Katt exclaimed.

    The boy chuckled, opened his eyes and rose to his feet, "C'mon, Torchic." The small Pokemon also opened its eyes and rose, "We were meditating. I'm Kyte, and this is my partner, Torchic. We were passing through to reach Pewter City. Torchic got a little beat up during our training, so we stopped here to rest."

    Katt nodded, "I see. I'm Katt, and these are my partners, Phoenix-"

    "Comb!" Combusken raised a talon in greeting.

    "-and Lily."

    "Lil!" Petilil hopped up and down enthusiastically.

    Kyte smiled, "Cool, so you got a Pokemon from Professor Oak too?"

    "No," Katt answered, "I received Combusken here from Professor Pine in Viridian City."

    "Ah," Kyte smirked, "Well, since your Combusken is the evolved form of my Torchic, then you should be stronger than me, correct?"

    Katt blinked, "I suppose so..."

    "Well then," Kyte grinned, "let's find out!"


    Katt gulped. Here she was, standing across from this boy Kyte and they were about to have a battle! All of her confidence and giddiness about battling melted away when she saw the determination and confidence in Kyte's eyes. He was a decent looking boy, too, which made her nervous. He had olive skin with jet-black hair that was kept short and wore a red and black tank top with beige cargo shorts and black sneakers. By all respects, Kyte looked like someone who could handle himself.

    "Are you ready?" Kyte called from across the battlefield outside the old woman's home.

    Katt swallowed her anxiety and shouted back, "Yeah!"

    The old woman, who Katt came to know as Patty, announced from the sidelines, "Alright then, you two, this is going to be a simple two-on-two battle! The winner is the Trainer who knocks out both of their opponent's Pokemon first! Ready...go!"

    Katt called, "Phoenix, go!" The Combusken let out a cry and took to the field.

    "Hahah, Torchic, go!" Kyte said, causing his Pokemon to run onto the field and meet Phoenix at the center.

    For a moment, the two Pokemon just stared at one another until the first battle command was called:

    "Torchic, use Focus Energy!"

    Katt was nervous, but tried to keep her cool as she commanded, "Use Night Slash on Torchic before it can finish focusing its energy!"

    Phoenix let out a cry and lunged with a shadowy talon at Torchic, whose body was beginning to glow!

    "Dodge it and use Scratch!" Kyte called. Torchic responded automatically, jumping over Combusken's swepeing talon and scratching the larger Pokemon in the back!

    "Comb!" Phoenix let out a cry of pain, but retaliated by knocking Torchic sideways with its Night Slash attack! The small Fire-type was sent flying!

    "Good job, Phoenix!" Katt cheered. "Now, follow up with a Scratch attack!"

    Phoenix obeyed and ran in Torchic's direction, but the Chick Pokemon proved to be faster! Before Phoenix could land a hit, Torchic was behind it and landed another Scratch attack!

    "Good going, Torchic," Kyte said, "Now finish it off! Keep using Scratch!"

    Combusken was losing health quickly, but Katt didn't know what to do. This was entirely different from a wild Pokemon battle! Trainer battles meant dealing with people who were just as smart, if not smarter, than yourself! Katt could only watch, petrified, as Phoenix took a beating.

    "C'mon now, girly! Get your head into it!" Katt snapped out of her daze at the sound of Patty's voice. "Can't you see your partner's being beaten up? Are you just gonna stand there and let it happen?"

    That brought her back to herself. No matter what, Katt was not going to let anyone defeat Phoneix, or any of her other partners as long as she could still fight!

    "Alright, Phoenix, get rid of that pest with Night Slash!" Combusken let out a cry and launched the attack, sending Torchic flying. "Good! Now close-in on it and use Night Slash with both talons! X-Formations!"

    Luckily, her Combusken understood. As fast as it could, Combusken homed-in on Torchic before it could recover and unleashed duel Night Slashes! The attack sent Torchic flying backwards!

    "Torchic!" Kyte cried. The Fire-type was still standing after the Night Slash assault, but it appeared to be on its last legs! "That's enough, Torchic. Return!" Kyte retrieved Torchic's PokeBall and pressed the release switch, causing it to open and for Torchic to retreat in a red light.

    "Do you forfeit the match, Kyte?" Patty asked.

    Kyte shook his head, "No, but I don't want Torchic to overwork itself. We'll switch to our second Pokemon, agreed, Katt?"

    Katt admired Kyte's concern for his Pokemon's well-being and nodded, "No problem. Phoenix, to me!" The Combusken clucked and returned to Katt's side. Lily, who up until this moment had been watching the battle fervently from atop Katt's head, hopped down and let out a cry.

    "Petilil!" It hopped and looked at Katt, letting its Trainer know that Lily was ready to battle!

    Katt nodded, "Alright, Lily, let's do it!"

    "So, you're using Petilil, huh? Well, I'm sorry, but this match is all but mine, then! Go, Nidoran!" From its PokeBall emerged a small, purple rodent Pokemon that Katt knew was the male form of Nidoran.

    "A Poison-type...but all Petilil knows are Grass-attacks...this could be tricky..."

    "Since Kyte withdrew Torchic, Katt gets the first move!" Patty announced.

    Kyte nodded, "Fair enough! Let's see what you can do when you're at a type disadvantage!"

    Katt set her mouth in a hard line, "You'll see I'm just as capable! Lily, use Leech Seed!"

    "Peti!" The Grass-type released an onslaught of small seeds which landed perfectly on Nidoran, sprouting vines that ensnared the small rodent!

    "Nido!" The Poison-type couldn't move as the Leech Seed began to sap its energy!

    "Nidoran, use your horn to sever the vines!" Kyte called.

    Nidoran tried to do just that, but Lily wouldn't have it!

    "Lily, stop it! Use Absorb!" Lily released the attack, a strange particle of green energy, at Nidoran and hit it dead on! The particle then returned to Petilil, restoring its health partially.

    Nidoran, however, would not be so easily cowed. A moment later, its horn successfully cut through the vines and the Pokemon was free of the Leech Seed!

    "Good work, Nidoran! Now, hit Petilil with Poison Sting!" Kyte commanded.

    Nidoran launched a flurry of Poison Sting towards Lily!

    "Dodge it! Follow up with Growth as soon as possible!" Katt cried.

    Lily attempted to dodge all of the attack, but was hit dead-on by one stray needle! "Peti!!" It stumbled backwards in pain.

    "No! Lily, are you okay?" Katt shouted. To answer, the small Pokemon began to shimmer, a sign of the Growth attack. "Alright, girl, now use Absorb once more!"

    This time, the particle was larger, and hit Nidoran with enough force to send it flying a small distance!

    "That's a strong Grass-type..." Kyte muttered, "Okay, Nidoran, run in close and use Peck!"

    Nidoran rose to its feet and began its charge, but stopped a short distance from Lily and fainted!

    "Huh?!" Kyte was baffled! He ran over to his Nidoran and, a moment later, rose to his feet. He looked at KAtt with begrudging admiration, "Your Leech Seed, Petilil aimed it so that one seed was stuck in Nidoran's flank, where I couldn't see it and he couldn't feel it."

    Katt blushed, "Um, yeah, while we were battling the entire time, Nidoran was slowly losing health...All I really had to do was stall you until the seed sapped all of Nidoran's strength."

    Kyte smirked, "Good game, Katt." The young Trainer returned Nidoran to its PokeBall before turning to Patty and bowing slightly, "thank you for your hospitality, Ms. Patty. I must be going on to Pewter City, though."

    Patty chuckled, "No trouble at all, kids. Be sure to visit again soon, though!"

    Katt smiled, "Definitely! We should be going too." Turning to Kyte, Katt said, "I hope we can battle again someday soon, Kyte!"

    "Me too, Katt," Kyte answered. "Now, I gotta make a run for the Pokemon Center in Viridian before I think about traveling through the forest. Catch ya later, Katt!" And with that, the boy was off.

    Katt, Phoenix, and Lily waved good-bye to Patty and her cottage as they made their way down the dirt road leading to the gate of Viridian Forest.

    Thinking about her battle, Katt felt a bubbling mixture of apprehension and excitement. She hadn't frozen up as bad as she'd thought she would, but she still needed Patty to snap Katt out of her thoughts. Well, at least I succeeded in proving my self-worth...
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