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    for my 5th birthday I got a GBC with Pokemon Yellow,Red and Blue (at the time my parents/familly didn't knew that they're all basicly the same ) I was stuck at Rock Tunnel/Lavender town, 2 years later I got Gold and later Silver they were a bit easier but I couldn't finish them either, It was until I heard about the release of FRLG that I decided to finish RBYGSC because a friend told me that it's going to be a sequel to those games and I didn't want to buy FRLG unless I finished the all... and what did I get.. everything I did the whole time but then in better screen and for some reason I still loved it and played it as a freak. I chose Leafgreen so that I had all 1st gen starters mascot games

    I ended up playing 75 hours before I completed red for the first time and I can say that roughly 10-15 hours was spend in Rock tunnel/Lavender town

    Gliscor is boss. Period.
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