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    To be completely honest, Colosseum didn't need a sequel. It ended perfectly and did well as a one shot sort of thing with a unique idea nintendo wanted to try out. Although I believe XD Gale of Darkness was better in every regard (longer storyline, more shadow pokemon to capture, better characters, more to do in the game overall) , I still think it was rather unfit to hold the moniker of 'sequel'. It really could have been it's own game, just as how Black 2/White 2 are kind of their own games (although not to the extent of XD).

    I mean, let's be honest only one person in the game references the events of Colosseum, the main characters don't make a re appearance, Mr Verich being the "real" head of cipher was just an excuse for poor writing and the need for a new 'big bad guy' (Es Cade worked just fine, but they couldn't have brought him back or made him escape from custody, nope even he was being manipulated mhm suuure) , and there are a few other things but I'm too lazy to probe the annals of my brain to make a point, you guys get it.

    all in all, I don't think they should make a sequel to XD Gale of Darkness. What they should do is make an entirely new plot with no shadow pokemon or cipher set in the same universe (orre or whatever it was called) with all the newer gen pokemon and have some massive storyline to accommodate it. That's just my two cents on the subject. Hope I don't get chased out of town or anything for being critical ahahah

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