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Originally Posted by Moza View Post
Any idea why the emulators run really slowly and lag a lot? Trust me my computer has the specs, I dont get it.
There's VBA, NO$GBA and DeSMUME
VBA requires almost nothing and can be played without lag.
NO$GBA and DeSMUME may require some setting tweaks in order for it to lag less.
For the best settings, you can easily YouTube and find whichever fits your specs.

Originally Posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red View Post
Tbh, DeSMUME works only to strong computer such as Mac...etc. If your using a computer, like a laptop DeSMUME's going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow and lags every time.
I used DeSMUME with a Windows XP notebook (such a bad investment) a few years back and had no problem. It just requires some setting to be changed/fixed. Most laptops can handle it. The only ones that can't are ones from the dinosaur ages.
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