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    Hanso SharpEye
    Hanso spent the remaining time before morning thinking. Okay, so it seemed that part of him wanted to strike back at Sovereign because the Tyranitar had broken his arm. He'd already determined, though, that such revenge was ridiculous, since a broken arm can heal back. What other reasons, then? Hanso already knew that by becoming stronger, it would be easier for the Gold Tribe to fight the Sentinels in open combat. They had already gotten rid of four Sentinels, freed a torturehouse's prisoners, and liberated two cities.

    So, Hanso could look at this as his way of getting stronger. Yet, he still felt like there was more to it. His mind toyed with the idea that, since the Blaziken had said that Sovereign didn't like losing control, maybe... Not so sure it would be helping him. He probably wouldn't see it as helping, anyways. So why else? Hanso frowned to himself, thinking it through. He didn't like what he saw. This whole idea of his had sprung mainly from fighting Sovereign and having his telepathic network broken into by Genevieve. Hanso wanted to learn how to fight without arm-blades; he also wanted a rematch with Sovereign, but not so much. Yet what he'd thought of wouldn't have occurred if Genevieve hadn't talked to him in the first place. Maybe...

    You fool. It just wouldn't be possible, not now. Hanso almost wanted the real reason for his recent actions to be based off of his doubts about the Gold Tribe. Penance had brought up a few good points about it. I don't have a real reason to want to leave the Gold Tribe, though. The closest thing would be the fact that we'd lied to Penance. Which wasn't good enough. Oddly, this subject brought Kivir the Breloom into mind. He'd seemed almost like he could have been a member of the Gold Tribe, but that was because of his actions and fighting ability.

    Speaking of which... Morning had come, and the rest of the group was beginning to wake up. Since he was already awake, Hanso rose earlier than many of the others and ate his own breakfast silently, glancing over as the Keeper shook Zane awake. Once he was done, Hanso stood and walked over to the Bisharp, noting Accatosh as he stood over the three youngsters. "A bit of your time, Vigil?" Hanso asked, indicating the edge of camp with his head.