Thread: Weekly Poll: Seismitoad versus Simipour
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Old January 30th, 2013 (5:31 PM).
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I don't understand the monkey getting more votes than the toad. Simipour may be fast and a mix sweeper, but his frail stats and not-fast-enough 101 speed will make him dead quicker before/after him sets up Nasty Plot and/or Substitute. Seismitoad is not only bulky and has only one weakness, which is uncommon in the metagame, it also has Swift Swim. He may not have Ice Beam, but that's why he has access to Poison moves and Ice Punch, so what you guys should be complaining is his lack of good physical Water moves. Tanks are more dominant than fragile speedsters, so Seismitoad deserves the vote rather than Simipour.
And Mercy too.
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