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    Evolution Cup!

    What Is The Evolution Cup?

    The Evolution Cup is a brand new tournament that will (If we have enough participants,) be going on for quite a while. The Tourney will be held of the PC Showdown Server. (Link Below Registration.) The Tourney will start soon after ten people have registered. (You will still be able to register after that, dw.) The Evolution Cup will test your skills as a Pokemon Trainer, Team Builder, and Strategist. To enter, you must create a team consisting only on unevolved Pokemon (eg. Charmander, Ralts, Growlithe, etc.) That will be your Round One Team. Once Round One has been completed, and we move onto Round Two, you must modify your team, evolving each of the Pokemon on your team. (Eg. If you have a Charmander in Round One, you will evolve it to a Charmeleon in order to participate in Round Two.) You may modify your new teams stats, movesets, natures, etc, as if it where an all new team. Once we reach Round Three, you must evolve your Pokemon again (Unless they are unable to.) and edit your team once again before taking part in Round Three. During the Semi-Final, and Final Rounds, you may not adjust your teams in any way! This challenge is meant to test your thinking skills and abilities, as you have to create teams that will be able to work well during all stages of evolution, and not just one.

    The Rules!


    2. No Pokemon that have no evolutionary stages (eg. Miltank)

    3. No Illegal items, movesets, and other general and common rules of the like.

    4. For the sake of simplicity, you will pretend like Pokemon have no classes. (eg. OU, NU, etc.

    5. The only time you are aloud to make ANY adjustments to your team is in between Rounds.

    6. In between Rounds, you will be able to make alterations to your team, so long as none of the original Pokemon you had to begin with change. You can evolve, change move sets, stats, items etc.

    7. Once Round Three starts though, you are locked into that team until the end of the tourney.

    8. You must record all your wins/losses. (obvious)

    9. All battles must be carried out here:

    10. If you feel like someone has altered there team during a round, please let me know, and I'll talk to them, don't want any cheating :D

    11. Play fair, have fun, and please be nice.

    How To Register.

    In order to register for the Evolution Cup, just type "In" down below, and give us your Pokemon Showdown username.

    How To Record Wins/Losses.

    Please record your Wins/Losses like this:

    ::Won vs Example Trainer::

    ::Lost vs Example Trainer Two::

    How Will It Work?

    (Note that in between each Round you will be able to make alterations to your team. You are not allowed however to change the Pokemon in your team, only evolve them, change move sets, etc. However, once the Third Round starts, you're locked into that team until the Tourney is over.)

    During Round One:

    You will face everyone else in the tournament once, the half with the most losses will be eliminated.

    During Round Two:

    You will face everyone twice, the half with the most losses will be eliminated.

    During Round Three:

    You will face everyone three times, you will be eliminated until only four are left.

    During The Semi-Finals:

    You will face everyone once, the two with the most losses are eliminated.

    During The Finals:

    The two toughest trainers will face off in a fierce battle. If possible, I'd like to do this battle on Pokemon Online so that the others can spectate, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.)

    Alright, that's about it... Go ahead and sign up, and remember to have fun!


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