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It would be redundant and borderline condescending if I sit here, on the other end of this computer, and pretend to "critique" your gallery. We all know that your lines are amazing, shading, style, blah blah blah. A critique isn't what you posted this gallery for, mostly because this thread is a product of pressure from me and other members, partially because you've said yourself that it's difficult to "rate" drawings that are just /that/ good.

What I do see here, is a true labor of love. Obviously, the Nido-family isn't what your professional artistic life consists of. So what I see is a true artist who has a profoundly intellectual and charming relationship with a character and uses that character for the more casual elements of his life. This gallery epitomizes what I love most about art. Maybe it's because I'm also on the verge of a real professional career in the industry, but the lighthearted and the sheer lack of ostentatious-ness compounded by the clear talent you have really reminds me that art is anything and everything you want it to be.. but above all, it's fun. You have the ability, the skill, and the resources to pursue something so much greater than A&D.. so much greater than you probably believe yourself. Yet, you chose to be here, giving advice to fellow fledgling artists. That's what makes this gallery so amazing.

This thread, and I know I'm speaking for the entire A&D community when I say this; is real. It's clever, it's well done, it's hilariously absurd, and it's real. I hope I can be half as talented as you are... I'm sure you've inspired a great deal of us and I am not excluded from that. As I said to you before, your gallery makes me want to draw. I think you've given true prestige to all those stupid, derpy, ridiculous doodles of Pokemon that we all do. It's glamorous, brother. Please keep going.

One more thing. Your gallery makes me feel like this :
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