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    1-2; ROWDY ROOTS
    Zoey Wyrmoki / / Route 2
    12 00 00 00 00 00

    The sky darkens in preparation for fast approaching night, the atmosphere taking the appearance of nearly every color of the rainbow in the western skies where the yellow sun sits. Zoey's self-imposed timer ticks ever closer, nearing the time when the buzzer goes off, to be indicated by the sun's complete concealment behind the planet's curved surface. The girl's pace quickens ever so slightly, moving at a pace somewhere between a jog and a full run, her pink sack swinging back and forth wildly in reaction to her high momentum. Zoey's side-bangs whip off to her sides in addition to the long cluster of brown hair tied up into a ponytail that's conveniently looped into her hat's whole by its rear, taken by the rushing of air caused by the girl's own attempts to make up for lost time with her dash northward. If she just had gotten up on time, this wouldn't have happened, and she might have gotten a chance at getting a more obedient partner in charmeleon too! To her dismay though, luck just never seems to on her team, or even on her sideline for that matter. At this rate, Zoey's positive that it'll be dark well before she arrives at the resting center.

    Nonetheless, her strong pace shows little signs of lessening, a testament to her outstanding fitness level having been running for nearly an hour straight. Interestingly enough, the road has been void of other people ever since she's been on it, perhaps due to how late she arrived on Route 2, but then again, she still should've crossed a few people, but she hadn't. Despite this fact's peculiarity, Zoey didn't think much of it. Her mind is more preoccupied that fatigue is beginning to catch up to her, despite her great fitness level. To make matters worse, her water bottle is on empty and the last thing she wants to do is scarf down food during or shortly after a tough workout. Her body is also coated in a thick layer of salty bodily moisture, excretions that have accumulated over the course of her running along Route 2. Most definitely after her arrival at the resting center, perhaps they'll be able to lend her a shower before heading to bed. Here's to being hopeful.

    The peace of the evening run, while it lasted for a damn long time, begins to find its conclusion. While the rustling of grasses due to playful or hunting packs of rattata, sentret and zigzagoon, along with the vibrations of the various bug-types, even spotting a trio of singing tricketots in the bushes along her way north have been rather soothing, the distant sound of gruff laughter and banter begin to draw quiet from nature's musicians, rushing back to their lairs and thickets in trepidation of the oncoming disturbance. Naturally, Zoey catches wind of the commotion too, hearing the voice of men, probably older adolescents due to the frequency with which their voices crack and the overall depth of their voices who, from the sounds of it are embroiled in Pokemon battles themselves. Sure enough, the twist in the road of Route 2 reveals a pack of boys, approximately around the ages of 15 or 16, all well groomed and well dressed in attire that, from the looks of it are popular brands worn by the youth of their day, the stuff that certainly wont be found in the bargain or clearance racks or in discount stores. They even have bicycles probably worth more than every article of clothing on Zoey's body combined, the bikes resting up against a park bench along the side of the path. In comparison, their garb sure beats Zoey's cheap get up, which includes torn denim shorts, well worn boots but still well made, and a black zi-up sleeveless jacket that's seen better days. The only thing relavely new about her attire is the pink trainer's bag she carries with her and her white and pink brimmed hat that serves as both a practical and fashionable look. Well, maybe not so fashionable compared to the clothes of these boys, that is.

    One of them catches her eyes the most. A taller, blonde haired, green eyed young man with a little golden stubble for a goatee stands among them, but as a spectator, watching a battle between his two accomplices, one battling with a mudkip, and the other with a chimchar. He appears slightly older, but this could easily be visual deception as he also sports more definition in his muscles as well. Her eyes stay fixed on his biceps for a bit longer than Zoey would ever admit, but even so her interest with them is sort lived, hoping to run by them without grabbing too much attention from them. Unfortunately, she should've thought about a strategy. What adolescent male would let a pretty girl pass by without making a move on her? Sure enough, one of the boys takes notice of Zoey, the girl deliberately cocking her head slightly to the right so as to avoid any potential for eye contact to be made.

    "Hey there, girl!" hollers the taller, blonde man. "What's a cutie like you doing all by yourself out here at this hour? You could get hurt. I certainly wouldn't want to see that happen. So how 'bout it? Want a ride?"

    Paying no heed to the battle between his buds that he interrupted, teenage hormones thrown into full throttle, his comments follow up with his gesture towards his dark green 'ride', which is, for all its worth, a pretty high valued vehicle, but by no means is it a machine used to pick up girls with. As if she isn't sweating enough, Zoey looks down and away, but keeps up her running pace, distraught, but not too surprised that she got spotted.

    "Uh, no thanks!" she bellows at an audible tone, lower than it normally would be as a result of her nervousness.

    "Aww, that's too bad... But are you sure?" he presses further, pulling out an object that Zoey fails to get a good look at before flicking his wrist in a throwing motion. "It can get pretty dangerous out here at this hour. A good lookin' lady like yourself is a prime target for any thugs or hungry Pokemon. I'd hate to see something bad happen to you! Why don't you stick around?"

    His persistence begins to push into Zoey's boundaries, feeling even more uneasy than before, as well as a little agitated, her quivering lips clenching tighter as her brows sink lower down her face, her pace picking up speed in order to escape the horny lads fawning over her. To her surprise, a small green creature pounces towards her out of nowhere, causing the girl to screech in astonishment, only to be smacked in the face by the mysterious beast's oddly textured green tail, launching her backwards several yards before landing flat on her ass, her hands rushing to her face, covering it as she reels in pain as her hands clench the agonizing portions of her forehead and nose, moaning in pain as her hands muffle the sounds from her mouth.

    "Aww, what the hell Arboran! That's not how you treat a lady! You better apologize to her if you want to have a decent dinner!" lectures the blonde guy, taking a different tone towards what supposedly was the thing that assaulted Zoey's face.

    "Tee... Treeeecko..." squeaks an odd, nearby creature, causing Zoey to slowly withdraw her hands from her ailing regions to identify the thing that responded to the name Arboran.

    "Atta boy! I hope you remember proper etiquette in the future, alright pal?" he states again, reaching into his pocket before tossing a few small pellets into the air in the Pokemon's direction, revealing what appears to be the man's treecko.

    Even more surprising is his treecko's stellar agility, leaping into the air with incredible athleticism, catching a few pellets in its mouth while launching a few others that flew out of the range of his mouth, batting them into the air with its tail and its left hand before landing on its left leg briefly, pivoting and springing its small green body high into the air, gobbling up the rest of the pellets in one big, mid-air gulp. Impressive indeed, although the treecko species are well known for their speed and feats of athleticism. His treecko, Arboran, runs back towards his trainer on all fours, coming up to his side before rotating on its heels, facing Zoey once again along with its trainer.

    "I gotta say though, man" he addresses his little green lizard, looking down to his left to make eye contact with Arboran. "You got good taste my friend, but pick up lines or in your case pick up tails won't get the job done. You have to make your woman feel comfortable!"

    "Treh, treecko!" calls out the reptile, probably in acknowledgement of its trainer's wisdom.

    Still with her ass on the ground, Zoey watches the whole exchange unfold, in addition to the battle unfolding between the two other boys, the blonde man's friends who, from the looks of it, all have starter Pokemon, but from where? This puzzling fact pokes away at the girl's nosy noggin, slowly rising up to her feet while the rest of her attention divers to the battle unfolding before her.
    "Go, go, Mudmar! Mud Slap!" commands one of the boys, this one a longer haired boy with auburn hair who guides the blue Mud Fish Pokemon into battle.

    "Aww hell no, man! Ember his Mud Slap and flank his side with a Scratch!" conducts the other, this boy with short, buzzed black hair who has the chimchar as his partner.

    The battle had already raged on for awhile, which was to Zoey's surprise considering the black-haired boy has a type disadvantage and there's no way their Pokemon could've been trained to such an extent where they can make up for those shortfalls. Yet, that's exactly how the battle pans out, but in a way far different than Zoey would normally expect it to. They battle with more than just calling out attacks, but using them defensively, turning them against the other attacker, and exploiting other weaknesses that aren't necessary related to Pokemon or move typing. From what Zoey sees, the boy battling with chimchar is utilizing its agility to dodge the mudkip's stronger Water Guns while using ember to dry up Mud Slaps, weaken other Water Guns, and to dry up the battle field, making the mudkip all the weaker for chimchar's Scratches. However, the other trainer is also battling smart, using cautious but liberal use of Water Gun to moisten the earth not just around chimchar but also in areas where chimchar has yet to burn with ember, creating new moist turf while limiting the terrain chimchar can cover, thereby reducing its ability to dodge. For what appears to be rookie trainers like herself, Zoey is intrigued by what's unfolding before her.

    Sliding into damp territory, Mudkip's cheeks bulge before releasing a high pressure stream of water towards the chimchar, locking the Chimp Pokemon between two damp areas that the monkey must use in order to slip away unscathed. The black haired boy clenches his teeth, realizing the dire straights he's in, decides to make a risky call.

    "Alright, Burnout! Somersault to your right and use Ember on the ground, then get out of there and back away from the damp ground!"

    The chimchar, named Burnout, complies aptly, flipping into the air while its jaw opens forth, glowing a faint orange color as it prepares to unleash its fire attack.

    "Not good enough!" retaliates the auburn boy; Mudmar's Water Gun connecting, albeit by just a hair, sniping Burnout's left leg just as the fire-type begins firing balls of fire from its mouth. Caught in a bad state of affairs, the blowback of the Embers bounce back up, smacking chimchar with its own attack in addition to the Water Gun to its Achilles Heel, as ironic as that is. Rolling back after suffering two simultaneous blows to itself, the battle appears all but over for the back-haired boy and his monkey Pokemon.

    "Geh... Damn! Burnout, get up quick! He launched you onto dry ground so you have a chance! Use Ember and strafe him with it!" utters the panicked boy, urging his near defeated partner to make a final stand for victory.

    "Too late, WATER GUN!!"

    Struggling to find its footing, Burnout is shot straight in the head with a direct Water Gun, tossing his head back as the rest of the pressurized water pierces his tiny orange torso. Stumbling back a few yards, the chimchar collapses to the ground with a soft thud, water dripping off of its body and forming puddles around it.

    "Aww, dammit!" the losing trainer blurts frustratingly in defeat. "Well Burnout, that was a might good attempt. You really held your own against your weakness. Good job."

    The other trainer approaches his Pokemon too, picking up a blank-faced mudkip and turning its small body towards his own face as he holds Mudmar up in the air, smiling proudly towards his companion. "Way to go man! You never know what your foe might have up his sleeve, so its best we be ready for all combat styles! Great job today!"

    "M-muuuud!" squeaks the drained mudkip, a little red in its cheeks due to its apparent bashful nature and the praise from his trainer.
    Both trainers snatch their pokeballs and call back their partners, a job well done indeed, and a fierce battle for such upstart trainers. Zoey's mind is yanked around in endless twists and turns, analyzing the battle that unfolded before her eyes, fascinated and excited by the intensity of Pokemon battling. Still, one thought of her as a trainer still haunts her. If she hopes to partake in battles like that one in the future, somehow, her and Vuowth must make ends meet first. What was a smile from exhilaration from the battle found its way to a slightly longer frown, realizing just how far she'll have to go to begin realizing her dreams.

    "Hey, miss! I bet you're a trainer, right? I doubt you'd be out here at this hour if that weren't the case. Am I right?"

    Snapping back to reality, Zoey redirects towards the blonde haired man, looking directly at her with a smug gesture. Having forgotten completely that she was not only assaulted by this man's Pokemon, but also delayed by his interruption of her travels. At this rate, it'll be dark before... too late. The sun, kissing the horizon of the landscape's western side, is already partially sunk beneath the horizon, with most of the sky now taking to hues of darker blues and purples. She'll have to travel in the dark at this rate. At least Route 2 has streetlights hung high above the path towards Viridian Forest so that she wont have to resort to stumbling around in the dark. Not to mention, it's not like Vuowth will help her deal with any wild Pokemon that she might encounter along the way. If anything, Vuowth would seize the opportunity to beat her up further, as if she isn't already bruised and battered enough from her earlier bouts with the lizard. What a way to look forward to her Pokemon journey.

    "Um... yeah..." peeps the girl, anxiety rising to a climax rapidly with the dread of what she feels he's about to press upon her next.

    "I thought so. Well, how 'bout it then? Let's have ourselves a little scuffle, eh miss?" he challenges Zoey, the man's treecko stepping forward a few times, this time upright as the Wood Gecko sets its sights intently on the girl sitting atop her thighs.

    "Uhm... well... I uh... really have to get going! I'm sort of late..." she mutters, bringing herself upright as her head tilts away, trepidation crawling throughout her blood as she makes an effort to escape this quickly escalating discomfort.

    "Hahah, what!?" he cracks up in laughter, grabbing the other two boys' attention as they look at him, back at Zoey, and begin to chuckle in cohorts over the woman's unusual comments. "A trainer that turns down a battle? What kind of trainer are you? C'mon girl, your pride is at stake here! If you want to be a well respected trainer, you can't turn down an opportunity to prove that you're the best!"

    Now she's angry, gritting her teeth, but keeping her lips shut as she glares slightly in their direction. Her gaze then shifts towards the ground, resorting to a frown once again, a sign of her sensitivity to hurtful words, lips trembling slightly.

    "Hey girl!" the auburn boy yells towards her as the other boys continue laughing at her. "Don't tell me you'll let him wail on you like that! Even a girl should have some backbone!"

    The trigger is flipped now. Zoey pivots back towards them, stomping her left foot down in fury, facing the blonde with arced brows and quivering, tightly clenched lips as if she's about to let loose her emotions.

    "Fine. I'll kick your hairy chinned ass!" boasts Zoey boldly, this time her voice carrying an air of ferocity.

    "Whoa there miss! Watch the mouth, man! Let's keep it real a'ight? How 'bout a 3 on 3 battle since you seem so anxious all of a sudden?" chuckling back in her direction, amused by her immature reaction.

    "Don't bleed all over the floor now! We don't carry tampons with us!" howls the black haired boy, the other two boys bursting into uproarious laughter.

    Zoey's fists turn to a deep red, clenched as tightly as possible as rage fills the poor girl's mind. Glaring up at the pack of adolescents with extreme hatred, all she can do is continue taking the verbal beat-down, her eyes welling up with excess moisture, ready to pour down her face with enough hurtful remarks. Not only are they insulting her desire to avoid a battle, but they also attack her angry reaction, using whatever thoughts that percolate in their minds to use as a weapon against the suffering thirteen year old girl.

    "I don't have 3 Pokemon... O-only one," she stammers, inhibited by bloodlust pulsing throughout her veins.

    "Oh, wow, really!? How do you expect to get anywhere as a trainer with only one? You're a bigger lost cause than I thought! Do you even -know- what you're doing?" taunts the blonde man, a smile plastered on his face, a crooked smile, half signifying concern while the other noting his disbelief. "You must be a newbie. Or a complete imbecile. You tell me, girl!"

    Knowing all she can do is take in their verbal crucifixions, she stands there, boiling with blind anger as her lips and fists remain clenched.

    "Alright. Let's make this a bit more dramatic. One on one. I'll go at it with my champ, Arboran. Hell, if you win, I might buy you dinner. How 'bout it then? Deal?" barters away the young man, grinning confidently.

    "Shut up and fight me, jackass!" roars the abused girl, thrusting her right arm out of her pink sack with a pokeball clasped between her hands, her pointer ready to release the creature inside.

    "Woah, hot and dirty mouthed! You're my kind of girl!" smirks the blonde teen, tossing up Arboran's pokeball up and down into the air casually as his little green warrior steps forward, eyeing intently the area it expects its adversary to appear. "Let's oil this machine up!"

    "Vuowth, kick this guy's ass!" hisses Zoey, releasing her grovyle out onto the battlefield, appearing before everyone with its cold, golden stare, eyeing its new environment in displeasure.

    "Oh ****! I don't even know what attacks grovyle can use!" she realizes, dipping her left arm into her pack to pull out her pearly white pokedex, flipping it open and activating its scanner, analyzing her emerald lizard.

    Meanwhile, the boys stand in awe with what she put out onto the battlefield, with the exception of the blonde who looks over her evolved grass-type with admiration. However, the boys soon shift their gaze towards their partner, all of them smirking with interest, perhaps with the knowledge of something Zoey is ignorant of. One of the boys, however, the one with auburn hair, catches wind of Zoey's pokedex being out.

    "Seriously? You don't even know what moves your Pokemon knows? Pathetic," blasts the boy, ridiculing her.

    Scowling back in his direction, she returns to the data upon her screen, looking over the details uncovered regarding her own grovyle.

    "Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack, and... WHAT!?" she finds, eyes widening in surprise at what she sees. "He knows Crunch!?"

    Vuowth however, to Zoey's good fortune, becomes fixated on the boisterous youth around it, hissing in their direction hostily, causing them to back away apprehensively. Her green creature's attention is averted elsewhere, shifting its focus between the three males, and then locking hard onto something else; the treecko present only a few yards away, his demeanor not even slightly deterred by the arrival of its evolutionary form on the battlefield. Instead, Arboran stares Vuowth dead straight into the eyes, even grinning slightly, brimming with confidence. Vuowth, instead, returns his gaze with a piercing scowl of its own, but its grimace bears more the appearance of spite rather than cool swagger.
    Without even a command given, Vuowth lunges forth, initiating combat with an angry Quick Attack, aiming right for the treecko's smaller body. Arboran, being in perfect sync, anticipates the attack and with its own high speed, shuffles off to its right, easily dodging the grovyle bearing down upon it. Vuowth's momentum carries it into a grove of bushes, catching its missed attack and allowing it to re-calibrate its assault.

    "Woah there! Do you not have any control of your Pokemon!? This is just embarrassing," berates laughingly after witnessing the unwarranted blitz by the girl's grovyle, diving instead into foliage with Arboran unscathed.

    "Just... shut up," she utters, her tone lower and quieter, but still presenting the same anger.

    There's no end to Zoey's humiliation, fuming over their language. Her expression shifts subtly, looking to the brush that Vuowth resides in, frustration present in her eyes as Vuowth crawls out onto the road, scowling in the direction of Arboran who simply smirks in response.

    "Don't attack unless I tell you to Vuowth!" reprimands Zoey, who's flustered words are completely ignored by the grovyle as it rushes Arboram with yet another Quick Attack.

    "Hah!" laughs the boy in amusement, glancing down at his treecko, readying for battle. "This is just sad. Let's go Arboran. We'll put her grovyle out of its misery."

    "Treeeeeeegooooo!!" growls Arboran enthusiastically, rushing onto all fours and preparing to address its foe properly. "Dodge and Pound!"

    Arboran eases into battle, leaping over and behind Vuowth, to the grovyle's surprise, halting its furious barrage, shoving its right foot into the dirt to cut off its momentum and divert its attack, hissing derisively in the direction of the boy's treecko.

    "Dammit Vuowth! I didn't tell you to attack!" huffs Zoey angrily, pointing directly at Arboran. "Listen to me! Use Pound!"

    Grabbing the unruly reptiles attention, Vuowth growls violently at Zoey, speeding towards her instead, turning on its trainer as it readies a Quick Attack on her. SMACK!!! Arboran's Pound catches distracted Vuowth off guard, taking advantage of the grovyle's agitation with its trainer. Vuowth's head smashes into the ground, hitting the surface with such force that its head is shot back up in the air briefly before returning to the ground with a cold, hard thud. Aboran meanwhile glides to a soft landing off to grovyle's side, cocking its head back dismissively, looking over its shoulder to examine its fallen opponent.

    "Kkk-Krooooo..." moans Vuowth, its voice gargled as the creature struggles to recover from the brutal blow, shooting Arboran a death stare, not phasing the cocky treecko one bit.

    "Vuowth!" blurts Zoey in concern, looking upon her downed Pokemon, her fists clenching even tighter as anger begins to return to her veins.

    "Pre-ty saad... I thought we'd see a lot more out of your evolutionary form Arboran, but it looks like her grovyle is about as strong as the adolescent rattata we faced on our way to Viridian City!" jeers the blonde boy once again, looking over to the girl with a grin. "No dinner for you. Too bad. I was looking forward to treating you to something nice."

    "Vuowth! Don't let him taunt you like that! Use your Crunch attack!

    "Quick Attack."

    Arboran makes swift contact with Vuowth's struggling form, tossing it back, rolling to a stop, only for grovyle to craft back to its feet, hissing angrily into the air as it looks around rapidly in an attempt to find treecko. However, Vuowth's head appears to be bobbing back and forth, appearing disoriented as it stumbles around, trying to straighten its vision out.

    Skidding to a stop from its last attack, Arboran instinctively readies its next attack, leaping into the air above Vuowth. "Alright, boy. Let's finish this. Pound, and then take it out with your strongest Quick Attack!"

    "Come on Vuowth! Get out of the way!" she urges her grass-type to no avail, gurgling coming from its mouth as it appears to barely be able to stand upright. "Use... uhm... Absorb! Something!"

    SMACK!! A direct attack to Vuowth's forehead sends the grovyle reeling, but still maintains its upright posture. Pivoting around quickly, Arboran speeds towards Vuowth agaim and again, slamming the helpless lizard with a barrage of Quick Attacks before Vuowth finally slumps over unconscious, colliding with the ground in defeat. Paralyzed in shock, Zoey looks down upon her only Pokemon, unable to do anything in the Pokemon battle, although Vuowth's disobedience certainly didn't contribute anything to the ordeal.

    "TREE! TREECKO!" howls Arboran in victory, standing a few yards away, looking back at its weak opponent.

    In shock to everyone, the treecko's body begins to illuminate slightly in a bright green aura before becoming engulfed in an obscuring white light, overtaking the green creature's figure. Taking the shape of Arboran's body, the light begins to take a new shape, growing larger and taller over the course of a few seconds before the light begins to fade away, revealing a larger green creature, who's stature dwarfs even Vuowth who before stood over the unevolved Arboran. With a stunning end of events, the blonde man's starter Pokemon evolved with the conclusion of battle into the mighty form of grovyle like its former adversary.

    "Whoa... dude! Arboran evolved!" gasps one of the boys in awe in what just unfolded.

    The blonde simply smiles in reaction, marveling in the tremendous power boost this evolution means to his Pokemon team. Zoey is surprised as well, looking over the miraculous transformation of Arboran. She's never seen a Pokemon evolve before, much less in person. Still, the evolution of her opponent's Pokemon seems only to mock her, spitting in the face of an already pathetic loss. The girl returns to gaze upon fallen Vuowth, rushing to its side to examine the lizard's injuries.

    "...Dammit... Vuowth, are you alright?"

    "K-kroo..." squeals the grovyle, its voice raspy and barely audible, having suffered severe amounts of damage from the battle.

    "Well, at least your grovyle is good for something," jests the boy sarcastically, redirecting his focus to his newly evolved partner. "Great work Arboran! We'll be in great shape for the next for sure."

    "Gu-ROOH!" growls pridefully Arboran, exuberant over its physically enhanced new form, leaping once to its trainer, demonstrating its rapidly improved athletic talent.
    After giving his new grovyle a rub on the head as a reward for its victory in battle, the blonde aims his pokeball at Arboran, recalling him back into his ball. Shifting his focus to the losing trainer, he and his gang stroll towards her, looking down upon the scene with pity as Zoey kneels over her Pokemon. Her body trembles with overwhelming anxiety, too shocked by the circumstances to act on the crisis properly.

    "If you want to be a trainer, you have to learn to grow up fast, kid. It isn't a joke. Pokemon have lives, feelings and dreams too. They aren't minions to help you win battles and contribute to your own personal glory. You should be able to respect this fact, but I'm really not sure about -you-. Whoever decided it was a good idea to lend you a Pokemon made a HUGE mistake and probably should be fired by the league and stripped of their Pokemon issuing license. I would quit now if I were you, both for your and your Pokemon's own good. You're clearly not cut out to be a trainer. It's really a shame. You're a cute girl. I'd like to see you around, but not at the expense of your Pokemon's well being," declares the Blonde, turning towards the northern road as they prepare to depart.

    Looking back briefly before taking off, he bears witness to Zoey choking up, sniffing and snorting as if on the verge of completely falling apart. Pausing to reflect on the scenario, he reaches into his back pocket before tossing a small cluster of change in her direction, scattering itself across the surface of the road, among them a coupon for the resting house up ahead.

    "Name's Andy. See you 'round," reveals the young man before he and his crew take off into the night.

    Zoey remains on the ground, looking over the defeated lizard, eyes welling up with emotion. Clarity slowly coming to the surface of her mind, she begins digging through her bag, pulling out a Super Potion, placing it to her side as she feels around for something that's not right.

    "W-where's my pokedex!?" inquires the overburdened girl, looking around her immediate vicinity to find her pokedex sitting on the ground nearby, still on the page pertaining to Vuowth's data.

    Taking a second look at it before turning it off, she catches sight of a peculiar statistic on screen. The symbol denoting gender, to Zoey's surprise, is a pink circle with a plus shape hanging off of its bottom, signifying the creature's sex. Still, new revelations won't do any good in easing the girl's fragile emotions. Her eyes begin to leak, closing up her pokedex and placing it softly within her bag, exchanging it for a Super Potion. Holding the bottle in her hand, trembling to such extremes that she tries to stabilize her arm with her left hand, aiming it towards Vuowth and coating the reptile in a restorative gloss. Emotions overtaking her, she drops the bottle atop Vuowth absent mindedly, choking up several times before finally letting loose her sorrow in the form of tears. Into the night, she begins to sob profusely. Unbeknownst to Zoey however, Vuowth slowly regains consciousness, her left eye slowly opening to witness a shocking sight. Endless streams of tears begin pouring down her trainer's face, drenching her clothes and splattering on Vuowth's body below, the girl whimpering in anguish over the terrible events of her first day as a trainer. It truly is a rough road indeed as a trainer.

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