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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Does anyone know the chances of cards of each rarity appearing in a booster pack? Should booster packs be throttled to force at least (or exactly) 1 rare card (or higher rarity) in every pack?
Speaking as someone who actively collects and plays the TCG, every booster after Base Set has had to include a rare card, due to allegations of it basically being gambling targeted at kids.

While I do not know the exact odds of secret rare card pulls, I do know that it has changed over the years and I do know which secret rare types are rarer than others.

I have very limited knowledge of programming, but I do have extensive knowledge about the workings of the TCG and would be willing to lend my knowledge with regards to how some situations would and should play out.

I'm currently downloading your Alpha right now to give what you've currently got developed a look-over.

EDIT: Okay, something that stands out - there is no limit to how much energy can be attached in a single turn in your game engine. In the physical TCG, you can only attach 1 energy per turn unless a PokePower/Ability (Ability technically being the proper current name for PokePowers & PokeBodies), an effect of a card, or an effect of an attack allows you to attach additional energy.
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