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Call me maybe

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, so here's my number, so call me Maybe!" An amazingly catchy song, with relatable lyrics and song which just goes to show, that you can express feelings and emotions in song. Call me maybe was quite a hit in the year of 2012, getting into the number 1 spot in a few countries multiple times and the massive amount of parodies this song has. It was really catchy, and sometimes relatable. It was probably also publicized because of the singer, Cary Rae Jepsen having the same manager as Justin Bieber who himself has the greatest fan-base so far in America.

The verses are quite vague, but in turn, more exciting, It makes you want to know what will be in the chorus. Also, the singer, Carly is 26 not 16 which portrayed in the video. So she is fully aware of how it feels to have your first crush, to be confused and infatuated about it and want to call your crush at any time in your day to keep yourself. The chorus although did sound like it needed a hook every few seconds, but I was fine without the hook. The lyrics are just something you can sing in the shower to, on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

So, the story of the song is basically a girl who just bumps into a boy, who she gives her number to, and basically tells him to call her. She is head over heels for this boy, who she watches mow his lawn then afterwards watches him fix up his car. It's the exactly teenage feeling of love, and how you feel around the guy you have a crush on and just feel giddy about it. It shows us how we were/are as teenagers and how this was something that we all wanted. Just somebody to call us, our crushes. Which is why we also might feel a sense of nostalgia while listening to this song.

It's catchy melody, it went viral getting about 355 million YouTube views. It went so viral, that even gained a massive fanbase instantly. It even reached the cookie monster, which you know is viral if the cookie monster has done it, played at the X Factor, and several celebrities were singing the song and played on the Youtube Rewind 2012, played by most YouTube stars.

So I can honestly say, this was one of the most viral things on the internet and spiraled into the current media. The lyrics and video were top notch and I agree they were meant to get viral. Really good song in my opinion and also just a great thing to see just how the whole internet changes after just one song reaches the title of viral. The internet comes together to show things to one another, and when it catches it's eye of one thing, it will pursue it till they are fed up of it. Which the song did after a few months, but it was great seeing something like a song, can change the face of the internet.

So, I give the song a 9/10.
The lyrics were great and catchy, the video was relatable and amusing, and just a great thing to see. I'm looking forward to what happens in 2013!

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