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    Well...swept Janine (and her stupid Venomoth) and then went around most of Kanto and wrecked it. Then I beat each gym in order, save Blue. Blue is up next and he just might be very hard. Anyways, as mentioned previously I evolved Onix finally. Oh, and remember when I said I probably wasn't going to add a 6th member. I lied. Hoss the Snorlax stole my heart and the 6th slot (and Master Ball...what? It's hard to catch and I didn't want to use it on anything else). He's a great addition too.

    Since it's not a ROM, it would be quite hard to get screen captures, so just take my word for it.

    Team Wild West:

    Man Dest the Quiet, Male Noctowl
    Level 54, Amulet Coin
    -Air Slash
    Ability: Insomnia (can't fall asleep)
    Caught at: Route 29, Level 3
    Stats: 177/89/86/110/127/98

    JesseJames the Naive, Male Gengar
    Level 54, Choice Specs
    -Dark Pulse
    -Shadow Ball
    Ability: Levitate (Ground-types can't touch him)
    Caught at: Sprout Tower, Level 5
    Stats: 137/100/97/164/80/151

    Sunni the Quirky, Female Rapidash
    Level 54, Charcoal
    -Flame Wheel
    Ability: Flash Fire (absorbs Fire-type moves and gets a boost for it's own Fire-type moves)
    Caught at: Route 211 (Diamond), Level 13
    Stats: 146/124/94/102/107/142

    Frontier the Gentle, Female Steelix
    Level 54, Muscle Band
    -Iron Tail
    Ability: Rock Head (Protects it from recoil)
    Caught at: Union Cave, Level 29
    Stats: 162/124/218/80/86/70

    Bevo the Adamant, Male Tauros
    Level 54, Silk Scarf
    -Zen Headbutt
    Ability: Anger Point (Critical hits maximize Attack stat)
    Caught at: Route 39, Level 15
    Stats: 160/141/117/60/88/152

    Hoss the Jolly, Male Snorlax
    Level 54, Leftovers
    -Rock Slide
    -Giga Impact
    Ability: Immunity (Can't get poisoned)
    Caught at: Route 11, Level 50
    Stats: 253/140/89/75/134/46

    Reasons For:

    Man Dest:
    Reason for Name: Like Manifest Destiny, the whole idea that Americans had a God-given right to go as far as the land would go and call it their own. A female Hoothoot probably would have fit Manifest Destiny better, (since the idea in pictures, was female in gender), but at the time I didn't care.
    Reason for Choice: It's a Normal-type, which fits the criteria, and it's a bird. I was originally going for a Pidgeot, an owl seemed cooler for a Wild West sort-of challenge. An eagle or hawk-looking Pokémon would have worked too, maybe even a Dodrio or a Fearow, but Noctowl still is the coolest choice.

    Reason for Name: Like Jesse James, the famous (or infamous) outlaw of 1800's America. Not to be confused with the guy that used to be married to Sandra Bullock, though they both probably don't have souls.
    Reason for Choice: It's a Ghost-type and the only one available for a LONG time. Plus I have been wanting to use one.

    Reason for Name: Unlike the other names, this one is actually someone very special in my life.
    Reason for Choice: It's a horse, perfect for a Western theme! Unfortunately, they weren't catchable until Kanto, so I traded her in from Diamond (for a Bellsprout).

    Reason for Name: Like the land they were seeking out in the West, the Wild Frontier.
    Reason for Choice: It was kind of mandatory, lol. Plus I kinda want to use an Onix.

    Reason for Name: Like the mascot for University of Texas, which was established in 1883.
    Reason for Choice: It's a cow...duh!

    Reason for Name: It's sort of a redneck thing rednecks call people sometimes.
    Reason for Choice: Snorlax!!!

    HM Slaves:

    HM Cut Slave: Kindle the Cyndaquil
    HM Rock Smash Slave: Good Eats the Togepi (hilariously beat a Level 12ish Machop and grew to Level 4. Used it temporarily because it's Normal.)
    HM Cut/Surf Slave: Wildlife the Sentret
    HM Waterfall/Whirlpool/Surf Slave: Dragoon the Dratini

    Thoughts on Team Members:

    Man Dest: Lost some usefulness after Pryce but he's gaining ground with Air Slash and flinches. Still a great addition to the team.

    JesseJames: GREAT! JUST GREAT! He freaking pretty much solo'd Lance (and many Elite 4 Pokémon)! Choice Specs + High Attack + Strong Attacks = JesseJames

    Frontier: Evolving did her good, because being an Onix made her fall behind. Since she's been a Steelix, she absorbs hits and deal massive damage.

    Sunni: Better since Megahorn and Bounce. Had to do the Pokéathlon 3 times to get enough points to buy a Heart Scale, but well worth it (Sabrina's Alakazam didn't know what hit it). 2 levels until Flare Blitz!!

    Bevo: Attacking BEAST since Thrash came on the scene. Great, but defense is slightly weak. Oh well, he's fast.

    Hoss: The new kid on the block and Frontier's Special counterpart (as in Defense). Gave him Rock Slide because Frontier's moveset is a-ok. Plus, it gives him more coverage.

    What To Do Next (WTDN):
    -Beat Blue
    -Train some more
    -Beat Red

    Updates to biographies will come on the next (and probably last) post!

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