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    Originally Posted by yossarian View Post
    I imagine the letter "Z" will be reserved for the title of the third Pokemon game that will inevitably be released a year after X and Y are so I can't envisage the villainous team being called Team Z.

    Perhaps something like "Team Origin", which is related to the Cartesian Co-Ordinate System naming system utilised here and reflecting the centralisation of all the different paths.

    I echo the general sentiments about changing up the ambitions of this team from the typical goals of capturing/acquiring/finding/exploiting etc etc the region's legendary pokemon to something different. What about developing a biological weapon to commit genocide against pokemon?
    I don't think we'll have a Poke version of Hitler... which considering this region is based on france which was ruled by the Nazi's for a couple of years would be real bad...

    I just thought of something, how about an organization who is more world wide in scope, I mean they have branches in other regions sort of like Team Rocket in the anime. Meaning that once we bet the game we could have other people coming in to get revenge and try to reconquer the region.
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