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Out of only games that I've played and in no particular order:

- Pokemon (main series)
Sometimes I don't feel like playing and make myself play anyway just to get stuff done, and I just don't want to put it down lmao. I get so into it that I ignore everything else basically. My favorite game series!

- Kingdom Hearts
This is a weird one, but I was so into Kingdom Hearts 2 my senior year of high school. Even when I was pissed off at the game, I was just pissed off enough to keep going and see what was past that obstacle, and the same goes for other games I've played in the series.

- Final Fantasy XIII
Yes, this specific game right here. I got stuck and left the game alone for a month then got the urge to play one day, got past what I was stuck on (in one try...) and played for seven hours straight. Imagine my face when I realized the time that day. Say what you want about FF13, but that battle style is just so fun and addicting.

- Harvest Moon
Saw an article for HM: A Wonderful Life in Nintendo Power and thought it seemed okay. Rented it and fell in love with it. I finished an in-game year in the five days I had it rented (very addictive man) and had to have a copy for myself. So I do! And have started plenty of files since. idk what it is about Harvest Moon games. They're just really relaxing to play.

- Viva Pinata
If Sims and Harvest Moon had a baby, this would be it. Sometimes it can be frustrating or tedious with those sour pinatas and making money isn't always the most fun, but you just wanna keep playing just to unlock more pinatas and get more to join your garden. You just wanna unlock ALL the things basically.

- Kirby Air Ride
Sorry Mario Kart, but this is definitely the most fun racing game for me. So many unlockables and it's just so different from other racing games I had played then, and still is. City Trial never gets old. Always hunting Hydra or Dragoon. So fun! And the music in this game is divine.

- Paper Mario
I was never good at the Mario main games, but this little diddy much fun! I kinda sucked as a kid, but when I got it for Virtual Console in 2010, I was very pleased with it and couldn't leave it alone.

- The Sims
It's the same as with VP and HM. It's just so addictive in a strange way. Only in this one, you get to make people look to your liking. So you can make people you don't like burn in their home alone! I don't personally. But some do. lol

- Pokemon Puzzle League

- Super Smash Bros Melee
I was more into this than Brawl honestly. It's just so good. It was a treat to come home from a tough day of 7th grade and get to beat up Pikachu with Young Link. This game also introduced me to the Zelda series, so I have it to thank for that as well as being addictive. Getting trophies is definitely an addictive quality.

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