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This is, to me at least, the biggest factor in why I'm liking the anime a lot less more recently.

The theme songs to the shows were all about victory and trying your best to win and become a master. The singers had this cocky "cool guy" voice, and the songs themselves were always high-energy, catchy tunes that really got you pumped for the episode. Songs like the original theme, and even Master Quest and Advanced Battle all conveyed Ash's determination to be the greatest trainer out there. Sure, the songs also mentioned things like friendship, but it was done in a way that wasn't overly sappy. As much as people hate on 4kids, they did this right.

After Nintendo took over though, starting with Diamond and Pearl, the whole theme of the show seemed to change. D/P is actually the smallest offender here, because while the style of the theme changed from rock to an awful rap, it still kept the same message of becoming the best. Still, the music style change really did take away from the energy and fun of the song. Galactic Battles, Sinnoh League Victors and Battle Dimension are pretty much the same in this regard.

Black and White is where it starts to get really bad. There is a massive style change to country-ish music, and the songs are made completely about friendship. Some lyrics in the latest two theme songs even say that winning or losing doesn't matter, which completely subverts everything they were trying to get across with the older themes. Not only are the songs boring and lacking in energy, but they also take away every bit of that feeling of determination and hard work. Instead they're just like "Eh, whatever".

I actually feel that this change in the song style is affecting how people see the character of Ash. There weren't many complaints about him earlier on in the series, because the songs always made you kinda want to root for him in his adventures. Now nobody cares because these songs are gone.

And that sucks.
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