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Originally Posted by FRANKTANK View Post
Whoops my bad. Although I used a hex editor on DarkViolet and compared it to my hack in which the Pokedex works and you need to change the x97's at x106B8C and x106828 to the number you want (D2 for you). This should make it work (although Oak's Aide's still only count the original 151 but if you're completely redoing everything, that probably won't be a problem)
Thank you! That solves the Habitat problem and the capture problem. However there's one more problem:

Even though the Kanto Dex has been extended to 210:

These areas still only show up to 151:

I do appreciate your help, although I kinda feel bad that I can't figure this stuff out on my own. But I do know that the Pokedex routine starts at 0x103518, so it's just a matter of finding 0x96 and 0x97 bytes and changing them to 0xD1 or 0xD2.

I don't care about Oak's Aide at all, since I'm placing a significantly less emphasis on Pokedex completion on DarkViolet, and more of an emphasis on defeating Gym Leaders. Hence why Oak no longer checks your Pokedex (for anyone that bothered to talk to him in the alpha), but instead he checks your Badges. Oak's assistants will just give you the items for free in DarkViolet.

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