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    Nadia gazed up at Mira as she raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips in apparent irritation. The young girl didn't understand what she'd done to bother her, as all she did was ask a question. As far as she was concerned, there wasn't anything wrong with it, but clearly she didn't understand that some people sometimes quarreled with one another when it came to race and superiority and the subject itself was sensitive. Mira confirmed that she was indeed not Hylian but disguised herself in order to gain Nadia's trust. She then requested Nadia to step into the tent for their safety, though the child assumed it was for something other than the creatures they fought off moments ago. They destroyed those things way too easily to be running from them now.

    Nadia was very tempted to reply with, 'No, you didn't answer my question,' but the way Mira had said her last sentence made Nadia feel almost uneasy, so she kept her mouth shut and held eye contact with the 'shapeshifter' for a few moments more before finally giving in and slowly stepping inside the tent. She really wanted to know what race this person was! It reminded Nadia of the first time she saw a Zora, as the feeling of curiosity and wonder was no different from now. She was nearly always surrounded by other Hylians and appreciated meeting people different from herself every once in a while. It was the only thing she ever thought about besides avoiding getting killed and improving her magical abilities.
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