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For me, donating is a sign of saying thank you to this site for making our everyday online life more exciting and meaningful and to show how much we love being a part of this huge family. The extra additions that you get are thank you gifts for supporting this site and helping to make it a better place. The donations, as far as I believe, go towards maintenance, and to pay for the hosting of this site. It is only fair to give back to what has given to us aren't I right? There is certainly no rivalry or competition just because one donates more than another. So far as I can see, everyone treats each other with equal respect. The tiers are to reward the generous giver with more generous gifts, as well as to sort donations and their donors into groups.

I would certainly love to donate, but I do not have free control of my money. My parents would certainly deny my request to donate their hard-earned money to a website that they have no concern about. If I had the chance and the permission to do so, I would gladly donate, because I know for sure that I Love PC. <3
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