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    Finally, Update #2 on my Grass monotype run (HeartGold - 6 badges):

    It's been a bit since I last updated, so I don't remember too many details from right after Whitney, but...

    -Got to Ecruteak.
    -Took out all trainers from Olivine's lighthouse to the Lake of Rage. I think evolutions happened - Weepinbell, Skiploom, Gloom. Don't remember if I had Parasect yet.
    -Beat rival; don't really remember that battle.
    -Ecruteak gym... ugh, Morty! Another tough gym battle. I almost stalled out his Gengar's Shadow Balls, but then my Bayleef got critted, and that was the end.
    -Tried battling Morty again. This time, I think he Hyper Potion'd his Gastly. And I got a Leech Seed off on Gengar. But that Hypnosis Haunter was really annoying! I think at one point, three of my pokémon were asleep since I like switching out so that Dream Eater hits one that's awake. I believe Leech Seed took this one down. And the last Haunter wasn't much of a problem. So we finally got the Fog Badge! Not as bad as Bugsy, but I think this one was a close call.

    -Needed a Surfer, so I went back to the Slowpoke Well for a, well, Slowpoke. >_< Taught it Surf and Strength.
    -Got to Cianwood. And a Jumpluff.
    -Beat Eusine, not too difficult.
    -Cianwood gym. I actually wasn't expecting Chuck to be too tough to beat. Got a Leech Seed off on Primeape before Double Team got really annoying. Had to sacrifice my Jumpluff to get that in there. Darn Rock Slide. Poliwrath though... that Body Slam is scarily strong! And a badly-timed Focus Punch crit on my Bayleef right as I was healing with Synthesis (I swear, poor Chicory's a crit magnet. D: ). Things seemed to go downhill from there (he always seems to use Focus Punch only when I'm not attacking him), but we managed to win the Storm Badge. I think a combination of PoisonPowder, Leech Seed (?), and attacks did it in.

    -Went back to Olivine and cured Amphy.
    -Olivine gym. Probably the gym battle that went the best (maybe aside from Falkner's). Well, not at first. Jasmine's Magnemite was annoyingly lucky. My attacks kept missing, and it got a crit Thunderbolt. So I lost Sunkern that way. But my Parasect avenged him. Steelix... I think I used Spore, and switched out for my Jumpluff for a Leech Seed. When it woke up, Sleep Powder. Switched back to my Parasect for Rock Smashing. Steelix did wake up once, but Iron Tail missed. It eventually went down, and I don't think it dealt any damage. The last Magnemite was no problem at all, and we won the Mineral Badge. Simple!

    -Explored the cliffs and did Safari Zone stuff.
    -Doing my Surf/Strength exploration currently. I forgot to do this before.
    -Did the Bug-Catching contest and just won a Sun Stone! :D
    -Going back to the Safari Zone because Baoba called. Don't remember if I get anything out of this, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    The team so far:

    Chicory (Male Bayleef) Lv. 31
    @Miracle Seed
    -Magical Leaf

    Ginger (Female Weepinbell) Lv. 32
    @Shell Bell
    -Vine Whip
    -Stun Spore

    Anise (Female Jumpluff) Lv. 31
    @King's Rock
    -Mega Drain
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leech Seed

    Thyme (Male Gloom) Lv. 31
    @Poison Barb
    -Sleep Powder
    -Mega Drain
    -Sweet Scent

    Clove (Female Parasect) Lv. 32
    Dry Skin
    -Leech Life
    -Rock Smash

    Cilantro (Male Sunkern) Lv. 32
    @Quick Claw
    -Razor Leaf
    -Leech Seed
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