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Originally Posted by deathwraith View Post
Hmm that's weird, i entered the contest and its fine .. Are you sure its not your rom? I'm on beta 1.2 btw.
I don't think so. I've using Pokemon Emerald USA right from romhustler. And as long as I play beta 1.1, nothing wrong until the Lilycove contest. Then I apply beta 1.2 in the new rom and continue with my save file. It worked fine, but still having the same glitch from Lilycove contest's receptionist.
Is it my save file? Should I restart my game for it to work and start with beta 1.2? Anyone having the same problem as me?

l'm kinda sad if I should restart, since I've raised my team well, here they aare btw,
Blaziken Lv 71
Swampert Lv 68
Sceptile Lv 71
Alakazam Lv 70
Swellow Lv 67
Linoone Lv 63 (Pick Up,Covet and HM Slave)
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