Thread: Development: Adding [a] new type[s] in gen 3?
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    Okay, I'm going to double post.
    So, after some more research, I have concluded that you can 23 total types without the use of ASM.

    This is because, originally, the type icon bitmap is 16 blocks by 16, so the game registers the new type icon bitmap as only 16 x 16, no matter how large it is. Also, due to the locations of the "Type", "power" and other icons, you have to add new icons with a space before adding another one. As you can see, you can only have a total of 23 icons on the 16 x 16 bitmap, including the 2 pokeballs at the top.

    So, looking through the rom, I can see that the locations of the ASM for the type icons is at 0x8107D68, which then branches to an extremely ugly, long and scary ASM which I believe indicates which parts of the bitmap are the type icons.

    Unfortunately, I'm terrible at ASM, but I'll try.
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