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    -Gen V-
    Hello,do you still have a hiddenAbility Vulpix (from hidden-grotto/DW)?
    I would like to have one regardless the EV,nature,IV
    but I will prefer female, if it's too hard then male will do,
    this vulpix is my top wishlist,
    if you happen to have:
    -hiddenAbility Gible
    -hiddenAbility Dratini w/ ExtremeSpeed
    I would also like to have them,

    what I can offer is:
    -hiddenAbility omanyte
    -hiddenAbility bronzor
    -hiddenAbility igglybuff
    -hiddenAbility spiritomb
    -hiddenAbility drifloon
    -hiddenAbility smoochum

    please PM me, if you could via my email here:
    [email protected]

    I forgot to add my Black2 FC,
    but I will add it later,
    thank you
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    black fc: 1120 5003 1816
    white fc: 3697 5840 3677
    Black 2 fc: 103492391178
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