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Pokemon Crystal-'Hell'

This is a Pokemon mod of Crystal for thoes who want an extreme challange to the game, Thoes who take the challenge should post their results, i have found it very hard to beat this game too.

Pokemon Crystal - english normal

  • Modified Gyms and League Extreme
  • Rival and Red modified to be much stronger
  • Every single Trainer is Modified in someway to improve difficulty
  • Main Wild pokemon maps have been changed, Lv. have been changed
  • Special Rare pokemon can be found in wild, ex. Gengar, golem, Steelix - No more evolution problems.
  • Note* play the game in Real time, some pokemon can only be found at night
  • 3 Kanto Starters can be caught


Gym, League, rival, Red - 100%
Trainers - 100%
Pokemon - 95% - Only Main maps have been edited. Whirlwind island, tin tower, dark caves, havn't been modified, I don't see the point in Modifying them as no one trains there anyway.

- Jay(tool)
- Munchulax(tool)
- Harrison (tool)
- 0xRH(tool)
All the modifying was done by me, tools were borrowed from above.

Downloads - .ips format
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