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Here's my list in no particular order.

-Final Fantasy X
Please note that this game is not in my top 10 games, it's not in my top 10 RPGs, it's not even in my top 5 Final Fantasies, I don't which 5 are but it's not this one. I'm not a big fan of this game, you can't skip any of the awful cut scenes, the voices are all out of sync from the animation, the game makes you manually level up even though I only one path is open to you 98% of time, most skills are absolutely useless and you don't even get to start playing the game for real until you're 4 hours in. You also have to play the game twice or load someone else's memory card if you want to understand the fictional language that a race of people use in this game. I don't why I'm so addicted to this game but I am, I've spent more time on this game than any other game and I spend hours playing every time my brain goes blank and puts the disc into my PS2.

-Pokemon Crystal
I don't find this addicting any more but I feel like I should still put here since I use to be really addicted to this. I've completed this game more times than any other game, which is fair since there's an emulator that lets me run the game 10x faster than it normally does so it doesn't take very long. I use to play this game all the way up to Red and then I would start a new game and do it again, sometimes with the same Pokemon. I've completed the game with just Typhlosion and Kadabra like 50 times, just give thunder punch to Typhlosion and Ice Punch to Kadabra. You will breeze through the whole game until you get to Red's Snorlax.

-Golden Sun(The Lost Age)
This is another game I have completed many times. Sometimes I'll just feel like playing Golden Sun, but I don't want to continue whatever save file I have. I will start Golden Sun again all the way from the beginning with Isaac and get all the way to the end of the game and immediately transfer the data on a new game of The Lost Age and play that through all the way to the end. Then I will watch the credits and play it again on hard mode. I'm not as obsessed with this game as I use to be but there was a time when I was able to activate the so called Exaclibur RNG trick every time. I've been all over the internet looking at everyone's so called ultimate parties and I smirk at all the teams that don't have their parties dished out in equipment that increases the chance of unleashing critical hits.

Tetris is like a pyramid to me. It's incredibly old and it's a bunch of blocks, yet it is always so intriguing. I think one of my favourite things about Tetris is that the game appears to be getting more complex with all the features these newer versions spit out but in the end it all boils down to your Tetris skills. Actually does Tetris require skill or is it a game based on reflexes? I start the game out with a plan but by the time I get to level 10 it's just all instinct.

-The World Ends With You
If you have never played this game then I implore to you to do so right now. This game has so much to do and is actually really repetitive. You will play this for hours and just stop after a while because you've had enough. But sooner or later you will pick it up and go back to finish the story or collect whatever post game stuff you were working towards. Your inner completion-est will drag you back to this game every time and you'll be doing this a lot because there is a lot of stuff to collect. If you don't have an inner completion-est, well then congratulations you will after you start playing this game.

-Tekken(whichever version you own and is the latest)
I get addicted to Tekken, I'm not going to lie. This game is really repetitive even more so than Tetris, I've had identical battles many times but never an identical Tetris game. It's even worse in Tekken Tag 2 which is like my favourite Tekken game but there's nothing to work towards to like other Tekken games. You could unlock the movies but the game doesn't really fit into the storyline like Tekken Tag so the movies just normally end up being pointless crap. You could work towards unlocking equipment but thanks to lucky box you'll end up getting everything you want pretty quickly. Nonetheless the game is very addicting and I do enjoy playing it unlike Final Fantasy X which is addicting but not very fun.

-Final Fantasy V
This is a very fun Final Fantasy, while the first half anyway. Final Fantasy V has excellent game play but a not so good plot. You can play the game over and over again but depending on how you raised your jobs the game can be very different each time. Try playing the Four Job Fiesta and getting White Mage from the Wind Crystal. Final Fantasy V has three worlds. The first world is where you run all over the place getting your different jobs from the different crystals, pretty standard stuff. The second world is where it gets boring, the weapon upgrades come slowly and there's no new jobs to be gained and you lose access to your airship upon entering this world. The world is also rather barren and uninspiring probably because they spent all their effort in the first world. A lot of people just like to play the first world and just start again when they get to the second world because the game play is very good and the plot is bearable up to that point. However if you get to the third world then this is where it gets fun as everything is open to you. You can pretty much skip this whole world and jump straight into the final dungeon, but then you miss out on all the cool equipment and awesome spells. 2/3 of this game is incredibly fun and addicting, it's just too bad that the middle portion happens to be the boring part.

-Kingdom Hearts II gummi ship missions
Does anyone else just love playing these? I don't like building gummi ships in this game but I love going on the missions. I especially love when your gummi ship goes into hyper mode and you just completely wreck everything on screen.

-Crash Team Racing
Most people grew up with Mario Kart, but I however had good ol' Crash Team Racing. I played Crash Bandicoot while growing up and this game was absolutely enjoyable for me since I wasn't any good at Need For Speed or Grand Tursmo, seriously I was constantly in debt on Need For Speed: High Stakes since my car repairs were always higher than the amount of money I won. Crash Team Racing however was a lot more friendlier for me. Finally a racing game I was good at thanks to the ability to power slide and shoot rockets at other people.

-Generic Korean MMORPGs
Every now and then I will go through this phase where I feel like playing an online game and I will just start searching for some. I will normally find one within a few minutes sometimes I will go out of my way to get closed beta keys but thankfully I have a guy who can get me those. Normally I'll just play that one game for hours on end and get bored. Then I'll just search for another online game which is pretty much identical to one I just played and spend hours on that is well. All these games are pretty much Korean and most of them are from the same company so I don't even have to register an account again. I'm just playing the same game over and over again but I'm just downloading each time I play. I know it's stupid but I still do it anyway and I guess that's why I would consider it addicting.

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