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    2 bugs I found.

    1st was when I went to test post-game stuff. I went to fight the E4 on BF. I had one pokemon in my party which it duped (so I had two wobbufets or however you spell it instead of one) and since it is doubles it should have checked to make sure I have 2 or more (Not sure how to do this.)

    2nd was a old bug I reported. the "pre battle mugshot" of the E4 rematches on BF are all of Wallace. and have his music too.

    Lastly, does anyone have any idea how the cries of Sceptile/Combusken/Blaziken get corrupted? I looked at the cry tab in the pokedex and when the corrupted part played the sound waves moved in accordance to the corruption. So maybe getting the original cry and reinserting it may fix it? But then whatever was done that caused the corruption may be reversed and cause more problems....
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