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    Paris and I were having a jolly old time wondering around Route 2. The sun was shining, we weren't hungry, and we were actually bonding a little. "Paris, what do you say? Will you be my buddy?" I stopped our progress beside a large pine tree and extended my hand in fellowship. The Ivysaur chewed his lip in thought, but eventually extended his paw and placed it in my hand. I shook it and laughed. "Excellent!" The Ivysaur began to run around in circles. His heart was finally unlocked! I began to run around as well. This was going to be an excellent relationship! "Wooho-"

    "Hey nerd!" A high pitched voice called out. Who the **** was that? "Battle me!"

    I spun around to come face to face with a beautiful girl. She stood at about 5'4, she had long blonde hair, she was slim as a twig, and the worst of all: She wore short shorts and a black belly shirt! "Damn..." It was all I could say. She was breath taking. "Well...we could battle if you want...m'lady." That was so stupid!

    She laughed. "Cute." She then sent out a Bulbasaur. "Let's go, Tootsie!" The Bulbasaur roared with confidence. "We'll show you what a chump you are!"

    I pointed at her. "Well, I'll show you that I'm not that bad a aren't a bad one either?" Damn it! I'm so stupid! "Screw it. Paris, use Tackle!" The Ivysaur slammed into the smaller grass-dinosaur-thing, knocking it down a hill.

    "No fair! No fair!" The girl stomped the ground repeatedly. "Tootsie, use Razor Leaf!" The Bulbasaur stood up shakily and fired a volley of leaves at Paris. The leaves struck, but it was only a glancing blow.

    "Keep using Tackle!" I laughed as the Ivysaur tossed and battered the Bulbasaur. It didn't stand a chance against its larger, stronger evolution. When the Bulbasaur struck a tree, I cried out a command. "Paris, use Leech Seed!" He obliged and fired a seed from the flower on his back. It pinned Tootsie against the tree. "Damn right!" I jumped around in triumph. The battle was over. It had been a short one, but it was my first battle, and I had won. I ran around Paris laughing and cheering. "You're amazing!" "I love you buddy!" These cheers were only the humble ones.

    The girl looked down sulkily. "Good battle..." She returned Tootsie to her pokeball. "My name is Valorie." She walked over to me and extended her hand in greeting.

    I shook it. "The name's Hector. Hector Ayoba."

    "Well, Hector, I assume that we're going to be rivals now."

    "You've assumed right." I smiled. I had my first rival! Boo ya! "I have to be going now." I lied and waved goodbye. Her hand had been so soft and silky...I was intoxicated by her...

    Anyways...We were walking, walking, and guess what? Walking! It was getting old. It really was. "Hey Paris, you wanna get a new buddy?" He nodded enthusiastically. It looked like I needed to catch a new pokemon. I understand him getting a little lonely. "Well then..." I had stumbled into Viridian Forest without noticing it. It was cold, dark, and I loved it. "This is strange." Everything around him was silent.

    A Swablu came out of no where and used a strong Peck attack on Paris. The Ivysaur was knocked back a good deal. "No!" It was a surprise attack! "Paris, use Petal Dance!" I didn't know what the move did...but it sounded better than the rest of them that I knew. Paris nodded and launched several razor sharp petals from the flower on his back. They caught the Swablu on the back. It was almost knocked from the air, but it regained its composure and came at its opponent with an Astonish attack. Paris was knocked into a tree.

    Swablu was a tough opponent. "Use Leech Seed!" The seed was launched out and it attached itself to the target. Vines ensnared it within seconds. It came crashing to the ground. I decided it was now or never. "Hold it down with Vine Whip!" Paris wrapped his vines around the Swablu, further trapping it. I pulled out a pokeball and tossed it at the bird. It clicked once. Twice. Three times. I was beginning to think it was hopeless....but then it clicked shut. "I-I...I CAUGHT A POKEMON!" I ran up and picked up the pokeball and ran around circles. "YEAH! I'M THE BEST TRAINER EVER!" Paris even got in on the celebration. He was running around as well. "BOO FRIGGIN' YA!" I was beginning to think this would be an excellent journey.
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