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    Hi everyone!
    Id love to join the club. Ive been playing Pokemon since gen 1 (though i kinda skipped 3rd gen, having given up shortly before crystal, and only picking up a year or so after gen 4s release)
    I remember shiny pokes from way back in the day. I of course had the shiny gyarados in gold, and i remember seeing lots of other pokemon that sparkled when i met them. i always thought at the time "what is that sparkle?". it was only when i picked back in in gen 4 that i realised they were shinies id missed XD i specifically remember a meeting a shiny bellsprout in bellsprout tower :/

    But since getting back into it, ive learned more about shinies. When i completed Diamond, i started a little chaining. i managed to catch shiny Caterpie and 4 Bronzors through chains of 40. i also met a shiny Corsola at a chain of only 2! When heartgold came out, i soft reset for Ho-oh as well, and managed to get a shiny at only 654 Soft resets! when White came out, i played through, and always meant to trade all my shinies to it, but never got around to doing it, leaving them all on my heartgold (i transfered all the ones from Diamond)

    In the wake of the X and Y announcement, ive picked up my games again after about a year, to find that my housemate has stolen and sold my copies of Diamond, White and Pearl! (along with a lot of other stuff). Thankfully, Heartgold was still in the DS, and that one was safe, along with my shinies. So ive just rebought Diamond and White, and am now happily playing through White again.

    Ive just defeated Clay, and recieved Fly from Bianca, but i hadnt caught a flyer, so i went to Route 6 to catch a tranquail, and after quite a lot of foongus and karablast, a tranquail pops up.... and its shiny! my first ever proper RE shiny (not sure if Corsola counts, as it was on a chain, even if it was only 2)

    Level 25 shiny female Tranquail
    Mild nature

    Im looking at finishing this game fast, so i can transfer my Caterpie, Corsola, Bronzor and Ho-oh to it, and get ready for X and Y. I also hope to hunt shinies when im finished :)
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