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    Nath got out of bed and rubbed his weary eyes. e had thought about this long and hard for a wile now and wanted to do something with his life. He was going to go to professor rowan's lab and obtain a pokemon to start his journey with. He didn't want to waste any time so e went ahead and ran out of the house saying, "I'll be back later mom!" before realizing he wasn't even ready...

    It wasn't untill an hour that Nath got to Professor Rowan's lab, that's when his choices became clear.

    "Well hello there you must Nath. Here for your first pokemon and to help save the world?"

    "Huh what?"

    "Ah no need to worry I'll sort it out for you"

    Without hesitation the Professor snapped on a mysterious band stating the numbers '50' flashing in red digital numbers.

    "I assume you allready know how this works, sorry to rush you but you must hurry to Jubilife, I hear theres a lot more going on down there than before! Oh yes your pokemon wich do you want!"

    Nath's expression dropped. He had no idea why Professor Rowan was being so quick to react, and what was with this strange machine on his wrist. Had the Professor lost his marbles?

    "What is the matter boy? Come now, pick your pokemon."

    "Th-that wa-one please." He pointed at a pokeball marked with a purple or a darker red cover.

    "Ah tyrouge is your choice! Here you go now hurry along you haven't got all day!"

    "But what is this band thingy? What is it doing on my wrist? Why me?"

    "Eh? That's a life meter. You signed up for this, remember?"

    "Um no... actually... what does it do?"

    "Oh dear." The professor looked slightly worried and very guilty. He had just put a 14 year old boy in the most danger he could ever be in. He had taken away his life. He didn't know how to react to this so he said his goodbyes, and lead Nath to the door. Could he really live wit all that guilt.