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Originally Posted by Scripturient View Post
Hello, everyone! I figured this would be as good a place as any for introductions in the RP corner. After the closure of a RP community I had been a part of for some time, I have been on the lookout for a new place to get my RPing fix. Stumbled upon PC and it really garnered my interest after a brief perusal. I've been RPing for a few years now and hope to jump in here soon. Now, just to find one I want to join. :)

As to the current topic set, so I'm not completely off it. I really like when GMs take part in their RPs and many times, I prefer they do. It gets them more invested and develops a sort of kinship between themselves and the other players.
Nice to meet you! Good first impression.

If you're into Zelda, I run HYRULE: The Golden Era. Pretty much Sandbox style RPing though I'm throwing in events at times.

Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
Welcome, Scrippy! (Sorry if you don't like the nickname.) Nice way to make a first post.

There are plenty of active RPs available to join!

Shameless plug time, people!

Pokémon Fallout and Hoenn RéBURST are both always looking for new and active players!

Fallout is in a dystopian future of the Sinnoh region, where children are able to fuse with the spirits of Pokémon.

RéBURST is a journey RP, still in the semi-early stages, where Pokémon trainers and Burst Warriors (that fuse with Pokémon by way of a Pokéball-like item called a Burst Heart) collide.
You magnificent Co-GM to everything, you.

Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
New Roleplay is just around the corner. Get ready for it.

I... I really thought you were kidding about that last time. That's hilariously wonderful.

You haven't demanded Skymin be your waifu lately...