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Originally Posted by Assetmoc View Post
Yo dude, after becoming the leader of team rocket you simply have to go to the 8th gym in crimson city. The gym leader, prof. oak, has already returned as he told you himself after the giovanni event. If you win his badge, hes gonna give you the HM 06 waterfall.
No offense dude, but this has been answered quite often up until now

Oh btw, im at the same spot: what does your team look like? Im still not sure about half my team. Up until now the only ones staying are ampharos, magmar and blastoise :/
Mine are
Houndoom level 70
Blastoise level 70
Gardevoir level 70
Aerodactal level 5 there for fly
Tentacool level 9 there for waterfall
Nidoran level 13 there for strength and cut
Also I have just caught celebi and plan on training him also this is a question if you have celibi and the egg in the party will it eventually hatch?
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