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    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    I've been wondering: there's been often talk about what can attract you to a RP, but, I'm just wondering:

    What discourages you from joining certain RPs? Is there factors that you would consider an RP to be... not very attractive?
    Hmm... Theme. If the RP is based on a series, show, game, or something you already have no interest in, why would the RP? On top of that, people tend to avoid RPs they don't know much about (for example, there are people who avoid my HYRULE RP because they don't know very much about Zelda). I suppose the quality of the first OOC post can also have a big effect on peoples' interest or disinterest in an RP.

    There's also the fact that different people like different kinds of RPs, such as Sandox, Linear, Adventure, or Journey Roleplays.

    Oops, I said 'journey'. I wonder how long Red's will take to get here.