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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
Little update here - it's been suggested that MIT make all of their academic journals publicly available to honour Swartz. Thoughts, anyone?
That isn't MIT's decision to make because it wasn't their papers. It was JSTOR's and they had already settled wit him. MIT's issue is that he used and disrupted their campus network

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I'm inclined to think they should make these journals free, but I don't know what the potential downsides would be. I'm assuming it's money, as in money to make the journals, and that by making their articles free they'd loose most or all of their revenue and many would go belly up. But maybe not? Alternative sources and/or more cost-effective approaches are probably out there.
The journal also often host conferences for the authors and to share ideas. I'm guessing they need revenue to put those on.

But, there is nothing preventing the authors from putting their works up for free on their own website. Many already do and it isn't a problem (even if they are already also hosted on some subscription-based journal). It's there for free, because they want it to be free. But you can't take someone's work and make it free if they don't want it to be.
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