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    Near Eterna City Ruins

    Chapter Two: Part Three
    Reach for Hope

    Before Amy could shout "Lucy stahp Stop!" there was a huge double-team attack on the boy. "Lucy!" ... Huh. I think they're a little bit /too/ involved in their battle to hear her. Well this can't end well. Her last visions were Emily spraying water on the boy before everything went black. The bond was now broken, and Amy collapsed onto the ground the same moment the boy did.




    "Amethyst? Hey..."

    ... "Mmm... Hm?"

    "Amethyst, wake up." That voice... It was new, yet somehow familiar. Then another voice came, one she couldn't possibly forget.

    "Hey kid, this is no time to be snoozin', get up!" Yup, that snippy Weavile, Blade.

    Amy felt she had regained control of her body, and slowly propped herself up. As she struggled to get up off of her knees, she was offered a hand from both Faith and Blade, and accepted them both as she stood upright. Now consciously aware of her surroundings, she spoke up, "My subconscious again...?"

    Faith seemed confused. "This happens to often?"

    Amy shook her head. "Well, only once... Twice now."

    Blade crossed his arms. "This time it's your fault."

    Faith nodded, though she didn't seem particularly happy about it.

    Amethyst shook her head. "How was I supposed to know they would beat him up? I can handle stuff myself..."

    "Clearly not," Blade muttered, receiving a cold glare from Amy.

    "Well..." Faith started, though took a few seconds to continue. "I wouldn't exactly say it's your fault, but... You might want to think your actions through before you do them. Destiny Bond is a very risky move."

    Blade scoffed. "Thinking? Who has time for that? Fast attacks beats planned ones before they're even done planning."

    Faith looked to be very offended by this. "Who said planning had to be done during battle? An expert strategy will put fools like you to rest before you can get a single hit in. You'll run into every trap set for you!"

    Amy felt her patience being tested. "Guys, that's nice and all, but--"

    Blade growled. "Says you. I could outrun your attacks and shred you up before you can set a single trap!"

    Faith scoffed and shook her head. "I can't believe I have to share living space with this cretin!"

    Blade gritted his fangs and looked ready to pounce. "Cretin!? Why you--!!"

    "/GUYS/!!" Amy shouted, catching both of them off guard. "Knock it off!! How can I beat my enemies," Amy said, walking by Blade, "and how can I protect my friends," as she passed Faith, "if the both of you are too busy attacking each other?? You'll get me killed, let alone my friends, if you keep doing this!!"

    Both Blade and Faith looked guilty of their actions, though when their eyes met, they shared glares at one another.

    "Ugh," Amy sighed. "Please, don't make me have to choose between you two. I need you both. Can we please work together?"

    The both of them growled slightly, but finally spoke simultaneously, "Fine."

    "Good. Now... When do I wake up...?"

    Faith pondered the question for a few moments. "Hmm... I suppose it can't last too long. But then again, there was a super-effective attack, so... It could be anywhere between a minute and an entire day."

    "Is there any way to wake myself faster?"

    Now this question was puling; she received no response.

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