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Oh I know it was a third party - but I'm giving my opinion on what how I'd say MIT respond. Badly communicated on my part!

I think it depends on the nature of the material and how much it's likely to get read. If it's in a niche area then I don't imagine it'd generate much revenue from how many hits it gets or anything like that and, as such, the only way to make considerable money from it would be to sell it. As for the reward being the completion of the work - again, I'd say in some ways and it'd depend on who the person who did the work is. I know if I published an academic paper that could be useful for something I'd want at least some monetary reward for my time and work and I'd be furious if it was to be made available for free, therefore disregarding how I'd want my work to be used. For others, maybe the work itself is enough. Situational, I suppose.
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