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    Episode 9: "A fragile friendship! Mizuchi to the rescue!" (part 1)

    Despite the harrowing encounter with an Ursaring, Brock and Wendy managed to enjoy a quick lunch and rest from the searing heat. When the two of them returned to the road some hours later, Wendy had a thoughtful look on her face. Mizuchi's met tall people why did she spray Brock when we first met?

    "Something wrong?" Brock's voice snapped her from her bemused trance.

    "I dunno if you'd consider this wrong, but...I'm curious as to why Mizuchi sprayed you when we first met." Wendy explained.

    "Your mom and dad may have been onto something when they said it wasn't me, but one of my Pokemon." Brock suggested as he walked onto a plain not far from a turn in the path. "This okay for a campsite?"

    "Perfect." Wendy smiled. "There's even a small forest close by that could be a Berry grove--many common Berries grow in the forest." With that, she set to work pitching her tent.

    "Once we get our tents set up, why don't we find out who it is Mizuchi's scared of?" Brock offered as he too pitched his tent.

    "Great idea--once we know what's bothering Mizuchi, we can do a controlled introduction either out here, or once we get to a Pokemon Center..." Wendy paused to reach for a guidebook of Minami that was open to a map. "which according to the current Minami guide, is the outpost by Lake Crystone, which we will reach tomorrow."

    [Great!] Hinata smiled. [Maybe then I can get this scratch treated...]

    [And my wing...] Tenku agreed--it had been hard to fly with a wounded wing.

    "Where there's a lake, there's most likely a town." Brock agreed.

    "Once we pass Lake Crystone and a couple of days hiking through the forests and fields of the farms close by, we'll reach Crystone Town." Wendy went on as she reached for Mizuchi's Poke Ball. "Okay, if you'll recall any of your team that is out, I'll let Mizuchi out."

    "Okay then...Hinata, return." Brock commanded the Poke Ball, making the Vulpix disappear inside with a flash of light.

    "Come on out, Mizuchi!" Wendy heaved the Poke Ball skyward, making the Vaporeon materialize at Wendy's feet.

    The Vaporeon yawned, then glanced around the camp. [Where are we?]

    "We're on Route 49, not far from Lake Crystone." Wendy replied.

    [Then, then--are we gonna go gem mining?] the Vaporeon gasped.

    "Gem mining?" Brock was intrigued.

    "Lake Crystone is fed by a river that runs through Mt. Taka, which brings a lot of jewels and minerals." Wendy explained. "Most of them wash up in the shallows, so many people come from all over to try their hand at gem mining."

    Brock smiled as he admired Mizuchi. She can be pretty nice...looks very healthy as well...

    After a few tense moments of staring at each other, Mizuchi finally worked up the courage to approach Brock and sniff him. "Hi, Mizuchi..." Brock smiled at her. "I'm not gonna hurt you..."

    He was right when he said he was a breeder--I smell lots of Pokemon on him... Mizuchi thought as she tensely sniffed Brock. The most prominent Pokemon being Pikachu, Happini, and Vulpix.

    She shyly asked [Why am I smelling Pikachu on you? You don't have a Pikachu with you...]

    "Remember Ash, who I was telling your master about before?" Brock explained. "His first and closest Pokemon is a Pikachu--who liked me a lot as well."

    [I see...] A contented smile formed on Mizuchi's face. [Where is he now? I've heard many stories about his many adventures...]

    "All the way over in Unova--we keep in touch with letters, phone calls, e-mails, and Pokebook chats." Brock replied. "In the meantime, I can tell you about the times with him I remember most as we travel."

    Wendy smiled as she watched Brock and Mizuchi converse. "Okay, so we definitely know it's not you she's afraid of..."

    Mizuchi, meanwhile, found Emi sleeping in her travel bundle. [Aw, who's this?]

    "This is Emi, my Happini." Brock whispered. "She's napping right now, so try and keep it down."

    [Sweet dreams, Emi.] Mizuchi whispered before trotting back to Wendy's side.

    Brock retrieved Hinata's Poke Ball. "Come on out, Hinata!"

    Mizuchi nervously sniffed the injured Vulpix. [What happened to your leg?] she asked, pointing out Hinata's injury.

    [I was trying to defend our temporary camp from an Ursaring earlier today.] Hinata replied. [I tried to scare it away, and it scratched me.]

    [That was very brave of you...] Mizuchi smiled. [I would do the same for you.]

    "Okay, so she's fine around me, Emi, and Hinata..." Brock mused as Hinata and Muzuchi chatted. "So that means Mizuchi was probably scared of Terra..."

    At this, Mizuchi's fur puffed up. "Oh, Mizuchi, I won't make you see the Sandshrew now." Wendy assured the skittish Vaporeon.

    [Good--I haven't forgotten the Sandslash incident...] Mizuchi shuddered at the memory.

    "Sandslash incident?" Brock was confused.

    [Let's just say I angered a neighbor's Sandslash with a playful spritz, he chased me all over town, and leave it that.] Mizuchi replied.

    "By the time we got both Pokemon under control, a good swath of town was damaged--homes and businesses alike." Wendy went on. "Luckily, we only had to agree to keep Mizuchi away from that Sandslash--if it happened again, we would be fined or worse."

    [Ever since then, Mizuchi's been skittish around even Sanshrews.] Tenku added as Wendy recalled Mizuchi.

    "Maybe after dinner, we can do a controlled introduction between Mizuchi and Terra." Wendy suggested.

    "Good idea." Brock agreed as he began measuring pita dough. "Although, I wonder what exactly happened during the Sandslash incident..."

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